I ordered several candles from you and they smell so amazing. Thanks for making them with natural soy wax as paraffin is not good to breathe. They are indeed very pure and pure smelling. I will order for gift ideas 🙂 🙂

Artemis, New York

I truly enjoyed Photon Light Therapy! So much was clearing for me so quickly. I honestly felt different every day I woke up during the therapy. It is a really deep clearing and I would like to do the Healing Family Soul with you next as I want to help my ancestors and blood line. Thank you beautiful soul! 🙂

Roberta, Florida

I did the whole 26 Sacred Activations package with you for level one and I was soaring. I feel fantastic!! I could really experience the difference between each one of them and the energy. I will order level two with you next. Awesome! Many kisses and hugs xoxo

Linda, Ohio

I had the Pleiadian Interdimensional Chamber of Light session with you and during my sleep, I even had light beings working on me and healing. It was like ‘home’ and so familiar. The colors were so brilliant and the feeling so warm. It was such a special heart-warming healing for me to receive.

Kevin, Oklahoma