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I would like to give feedback on the chakra communication oil and the 3 spray gift pack of the fucsia, pink and purple sprays. From the first time I applied the chakra communication oil, I started going into deeper meditation. I could actually see visions, flashing colors and things I never have seen before. Something opened up in me. It felt like energy shot up from my base chakra all the way up and out of my crown. Then my crown and my third eye were really vibrating. I felt that my third eye was so open for the first time. It works! I feel I am sensing things better around me and more in touch in general. I am just more connected and grounding all of this. I love your 3 sprays pack of the fucsia, pink and purple sprays! The scents are so light and cleansing. I use them on my aura and chakras. I use them to clean the space in my home. And I clean my crystals with them. So refreshing and they are all so unique. I am really happy with your services and your products and I highly recommend others to try them. I have some gift ideas in mind for birthdays and holidays for family and friends as your products are truly special. Looking forward to trying out more!! 😉

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