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Acasma Quantum Energy is a new modality on Earth for Ascension that is here to assist humanity to step into their highest potential by anchoring the light we all inherently possess, simply by activating this with the new frequencies of Acasma that are ever-expanding energy, just as you are always ever-expanding.

Acasma Quantum Energy raises the vibration of the being. As the vibration raises, pains, discomforts, entities, any outside sources simply aren’t a vibrational match… and drop out. A lighter version of the being emerges, unaffected by external sources of pain, anxiety, worry.

Acasma is a Higher Dimensional Energy Modality that is ever expanding to accommodate assisting people as they expand. Whether you feel stuck, or you feel highly expansive, this energy meets you right where you are at assisting you in aligning to your absolute highest good.

It is a healing vibration of pure unconditional love facilitated in the Quantum Field with the assistance of higher dimensional light beings, soul family, departed loved ones, angels, and ancestors.

Acasma is the understanding of your being beyond who and what you are as a human and Acasma reconnects you to the spaces of you beyond this Now. Acasma reconnects you to your power, to your Wholeness, to your heart, and to your core as Love.

I am a facilitator of a higher vibrational space of connection called Acasma Quantum Energy, this energy is here to assist Humanity in remembering who they are. Acasma is the next level of energy healing. Acasma is a way in which the client reconnects to their I AM within and heals their own Being on all levels.

My sessions are all unique to each individual and each holds the unconditional loving support in meeting each client where they are at, allowing for expansion at the pace they are ready for, exactly at the time they need it. All unfolds in divine timing.

Your vibration will be elevated, and many shifts will manifest in your life after your session. You will be in a higher vibrational space afterwards and you might see reality in a brighter light. These sessions help you remember yourself.

This is a transformational distance energy healing, done consciousness-to-consciousness (no zoom or skype required). You will receive a meditation to listen to during your session. It is best to lay down for the session and to coordinate a time with me, so we do it at the same time. I can also run the session during your sleep if you prefer.


Remember Who You Are
Own Your Unlimited Power
Manifest Your Best Life Now
The Magic of MIRACLES unfold Here
You are the Light

These new frequencies of Acasma have quite a profound effect on our structures within & without as it:

– upgrades and activates DNA restructure
– decalcify & activate your third eye (inner knowing)
– expands consciousness to a new level
– grounds you deeply into Mother Earth
– releases old programs
– heals trauma
– realigns and expands your chakras
– activates remembrances and heals past life experiences
– reconnect with your Light teams (angels, spirit guides, galactic family, spirit animals)
– reconnects you to your Highest Self, your god self
– clear dense programming and reprogram the water of your body to optimal alignment
– remember your soul messages
– activate your Light Languages
– relax and enjoy your life more
– adjust negative mindsets
– connect with your Higher Self/Selves
– release old programs and behaviors
– expand your Consciousness and your Abilities
– have more self-worth and self-love
– manifest and create your best life Now

Acasma assists the human not only in remembering who they are as a space of Source, but Acasma also offers powerful ways in which this higher vibrational space of connection is helping humans Heal their bodies and Lives and wake up.

– Acasma is aligned with Christ
– Acasma never puts any energy keys on anyone
– Acasma will ground and align you
– Acasma creates a space for more of your higher self to enter and anchor
– Acasma removes distortion energies
– Acasma is a higher vibrational space of connection here to assist humanity as they awaken and shift
– Acasma is ever-expanding
– Own your unlimited power
– Manifest your best life now
– Clear out dense programming
– Alleviate stress and anxiety
– Experience a state of wholeness and reconnection
– Activate and align with your highest good and true purpose
– Galactic activation
– Restore your spiritual, mental, emotional and spiritual self at a higher frequency
– Relax as you receive activations, attuning, downloads, etc.
– Timeline energy upgrades
– Unlock CODES of remembrance
– Restore and repair DNA
– Activate dormant DNA

Your body knows what needs to be healed and anything that needs to be healed will be in line of your highest good.

What are the four main foundational connections ALWAYS facilitated in every Acasma Session?

Root Reconnection, Soul Reconnection, Sacred Heart Reconnection with the Field of Love, and Restoring Peace & Balance.

What does a Root Reconnection offer the client?
Reconnection to the Earth. As a human being this energetic connection is crucial to optimal health and Ascension. This assists the human in anchoring in, processing, and holding their higher consciousness.

What does a Soul Reconnection offer the client?
Reconnection to one’s soul spaces that during a transition space were unable to align into the next space of their Wholeness.

What does a Sacred Heart Reconnection offer the client?
Reconnection to the I AM within. This is a reconnection to your Wholeness, your Source-space.

All is done in the Quantum Field, with the assistance of higher dimension light beings, angels and your ancestors. All with the purest intentions and only for your highest good.

Acasma is a way in which the client reconnects to their I AM within and heals their own Being on all levels. Acasma Quantum Energy was brought to us humans to support us in our transition to the New Earth.

Acasma is not Reiki. Acasma is a healing energy that communicates through light in the quantum field. The difference is that Acasma has an even higher frequency, which allows you to connect to all layers of your multidimensional Being, your wholeness.

The ways in which these sessions can reconnect you to your wholeness are truly endless. Acasma is here now because our vibrations are now high enough to be able to receive this incredibly high-frequency Light.

Acasma sessions provide a connection to the individual’s Quantum Self and Quantum Field. Many clients actually see their Light Team, higher self, angels, star families, etc., during these sessions. It is also common to feel your energy moving through your body as the healing is performed.

What is the Quantum field? This is the space that encompasses or holds everything. Our physical now experiences, our dream space, our “past, present, future” all of our now moments. Timelines, realities, dimensions, all spaces of all spaces.

Relax, allow, and surrender. Your Soul knows what to do. In these sessions, many heal spaces for themselves and spaces for their family lines and the human collective.

Will you feel anything? Most people do. But the biggest feeling happens in your heart with an unmistakable sense of peace. You will also go through emotional healing and clearing.

This session helps you get out of your own way and connect deeper to your highest good. You may experience feelings, visualizations and body movement. We connect in the quantum field where time and space are not linear. This is where all of the magic happens before it manifests on the earth plane.

How often can you do these sessions? As much as you like as you will go deeper each time. Please allow for a 24-hour integration period.

During the session, allow for 1 hour of quiet time, preferably laying down where you can fully relax. Intend on receiving the session for your highest, highest good. Please feel free to message me with any questions before booking a session.

** Sessions can also be done for pets. You can order this session for others but please include their name(s) in the order notes. It is also a great session for special needs. **

My notes on the session will be sent to you afterward within 24 hours of your connection session. It is an honor to facilitate this space of remembrance and healing.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Any help that I offer is to be used as a complement to, not a replacement of, any medical treatment that you are currently receiving.
Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 1 hour as a healing facilitator, via long distance.


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