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Activation of the Shaman is another beautiful modality channeled by Lisa “Ladywolf” Center from the International Lightworkers Series. The word Shaman comes from the people of Evenk in Siberia. This was the name given to their spiritual leaders and healers.

Shaman….what images come to mind? Can you smell the burning fire? Can you see the path to the other world? Does it bring frightening or soothing images to mind or is there a subtle combination of the two?


The Allowing Abundance Empowerment was founded by Stephanie Brail.

The following is from her manual:

“The Allowing Abundance Empowerment is a simple energetic healing meant to open up the recipient to letting the flow of abundance in. It works to gently clear any blocks or resistance a person might have to letting good into their lives. Sometimes, when a person is having financial issues, the problem is not that they aren’t talented or capable. They may even be trying to think positively or affirm their wealth with gratitude practice. No amount of positive thinking, however, will work if a person believes they should not be happy deep down inside. We often get these feelings of unworthiness from growing up in dysfunctional family environments as well as past life issues.

This empowerment will not instantly solve financial problems but will empower the recipient to make better choices and move forward in their lives for increased abundance down the line. The more blocks a person has, the longer it takes, but don’t give up – keep using the energy! It will make a difference!”

You will receive a .pdf manual.
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Stephanie Brail

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