Angels Pentagram Healing

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The pentagram is composed of two inter-linked, entangled, isosceles triangle without a base, forming a five-pointed star. In him five Alphas can be seen, so it is also called Pentalpha. It is in contrast to the hexagram (Star of David), which consists of two interlaced, equilateral triangles with base, five-and six not jagged.

Mythological significance

In ancient times the pentagram, among other things a symbol of health. In the medieval and post-medieval period pentagrams were considered magical characters and defensive stand against evil spirits and demons energies. The pentagram was also a footprint of Drude (pentagram) and designated as a defensive spell as painted on the door threshold (also see in Goethe’s Faust). As Dryden were witches and female spirits called night. In modern times, the pentagram is usually only used as a symbol of protection.

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