Arcturian Blueprint Activation (4 sessions)

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Arcturian Blueprint Activation (4 sessions)

The Arcturian Blueprint Activation, links a person more strongly to their divine blueprint and divine matrix. Everything in physical existence first began from a blueprint on at least the mental level and even higher (ie. causal, spiritual, divine levels).

The Arcturian Blueprint Activation Frequency attunes you to your Divine Blueprint. In order to fully complete the attunement, it is required to run the activation for 240 min in total. After that, you will be fully attuned to your Divine Blueprint. The activation instills will. Old programs and tapes will be cleared. Use this frequency also as a clearing tool. For example clearing blockages for prosperity, emotional and mental blockages, clearing core negative beliefs, ancestral pattern clearing, etc.

Certificate issued if needed.
4 sessions includes of 1 hour each.
I personally work on you for 1 hour as a healing facilitator, via long distance.

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