Buddhas Perfect Blue Light

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The Buddaic Blue Light of Mushin is a deep absorption in this wonderous, transformative energy will lead the yogin to a blissful state of thought-free being. This state has been described as a state of “harmonious flow” within the internal mind of the yogin and the external reality of the omni-verse. From this state, many things are possible as the yogin is moving in harmony with his mind. This state will also lead to a deep absorption in love and equanimity, the most important virtues we can develop in this world.

This is an all purpose empowerment that will allow you to access, in a broad way, the Buddaic Blue Light of Mushin, for equanimity, peace of mind, tranquility and self-healing. We make offerings to Buddha to increase our merit, receptivity to teachings and energy transmissions and to cut the creeping vine of ego-based miserliness), a short breathing meditation and intent to go deep within your own mind. Some will be delighted upon hearing this as if a light went off in their crown chakra.

Founder: Gary Tee
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

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