Crystal Wind Empowerment

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Ever get the sense that your etheric body is beginning to look a bit like an attic? Well, it is! How many empowerment symbols do you have stuffed in there anyway…how many angels, critters, crystals, devas, mantras, deities, energies, myths, music and minerals, colors and spiritual tools and Faerie folk? Getting a mite claustrophobic already? Need a bit of air in there along with the clutter and cobwebs? Enter…Crystal Wind.

Crystal Wind runs through the endless plains of unfettered imagination. We are talking unconditional freedom here. We are talking the sheer exhilaration of quantum acceleration. We are really talking about Sky-dancing through the mind space. Within the crystalline matrix of this blasting gale force of a Zephyr lies the quintessence of ALL empowerments. It is very powerful.

You will receive a .pdf manual.
This is a self-empowerment.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Rev. Oliver Hoffmann

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