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You will need to ensure you have 3 crystals and 1 rock, why the rock? The rock will help you stay grounded while you are going thought this shift. The activation of your crystals will help you maintain and progress through all the changes you are going though from all of the activation’s you have received. All of the crystals will be activated, integrated and aligned with all the activation’s you have received. If you chose to activate your child or your pet then simply put the crystals by their bed as they sleep and they will automatically be activated as well if they chose to accept the activation’s. Children and our pets are much easier to activate as they are so open and unlike most adults, who have been under the hypnotic programming of years of schooling etc, that go on during one’s life on this planet. Crystal Activation’s are performed during each set of activation’s. Please have your crystals ready for your session.

The session is done via Skype or FB audio and lasts for about 20 mins.

Prerequisite: Sacred Activations Level 1


Experience Sacred Activations for Profound Shifts in Your Life!

Experience Sacred Activations designed especially to help you get unstuck and transmute dense energies, ridding yourself of old, out-dated belief systems that literally act as prison bars in your life. These activations were given to us by the Creator and via Lord (Archangel Metatron) for us to be who we really are – powerful, beautiful, loving Beings of Light. Sacred Activations is powerful and will assist you in releasing old programming and thought forms that are holding you back from your greatest dreams. The Activations unplug you from group consciousness that may be controlling your life and you may not even be aware of it. This planet we call Earth is changing and evolving very quickly. As a world we are moving our vibration from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension. The Third Dimensional grid system is filled with fear and a suffering energy and keeps you locked into those energies.

The Sacred Activations liberate us from hundreds and thousands of limiting belief programs at a time, helping us to integrate and move forwards with the Earth easily and gently. Sacred Activations give you a better connection to see your spirit guides, your Angels, to the Creator of all that is, and to your Higher Self. Allowing you to live in peace, knowing all is well, and that you are safe. Sacred Activations clear thousands of cultural, religious, and mass consciousness belief systems that keep many of us “stuck” and out of the flow of life.

A wonderful bonus to this work is that, when one person comes out, often many other people will follow. This means that as we change, we also raise the vibration of the planet. We shift the consciousness of the human race from fear to love. In this shift, we are leaving behind the old energies of drama, resentment and conditionality and moving towards unconditional love. To do this, we need to release the old limiting beliefs and programming. These are held deep within our subconscious minds and the cells of our bodies, which have kept us stuck for so long.

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