Future Reality, Background Matrix Synergy

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Future Reality, Background Matrix Synergy causes your intentions to be congruent in both your outer life and your background reality matrix.

The gap between these two realities is the one of the most common reasons people struggle to manifest prosperity and healthy relationship in their life.

This synergy is to be activated and “run” like a program with intention. Your current foreground reality is the who and what is in your life now.

It is where you interact with the world around you in a physical way and is your linear timeline of events moving forward. Your future reality becomes your foreground reality in each new now moment. This is why we are working with your future reality in this energy system, to synergize your background reality with what you want to have arrive into your life in the next moment. This changes the “allowances” in the background reality.

Your Background Reality is the matrix that upholds your physical reality. This matrix must be in synergy with the intentions and beliefs by which you plan to co-create your Future reality.

When there is a gap between these two realities, it can be difficult to attract and retain the people and things you want into your life.

So many people dutifully work on themselves. They do so many clearings and try to let go of all believes that are not in alignment with their current intentions. That is a gigantic part of being in the right alignment with prosperity. There is a piece that most people are not even aware of, and I believe that piece is changing your background reality to allow for the prosperity and health you want in your foreground reality.

When what has been holding you back is not just personal “stuff”, how does one transcend it so that you can attract into your life all that you want? You call in high powered assistance from Eternal Sacred Source. We are meant to progress spiritually and have the ability to cause our physical foreground reality to reflect the abundance and health we have inside.

Future Reality, Background Matrix Synergy changes the matrix, the filters in the background so that they allow prosperity and healthy relationships to thrive in your foreground reality. In your daily life, family, friends and work.

When your Background Reality “allows” for the intentions you’ve set forth to be considered “possible” and “safe” then they can actually emerge and be known in your Future Reality.

In other words, you from where you in your foreground reality you set intentions. For your intentions to come forth and be made manifest; the background matrix must allow them to pass from the invisible to the visible to exist in your future reality.

The background reality is the support, the web or matrix through which all that exists in your future reality must arrive. Furthermore, in order for good things and healthy relationships to stay in your current foreground and future reality, they must be anchored in your background reality.

Many good relationships, situations and things may slip through the adverse positioning of a scarcity and survival only oriented background reality, but without a matrix that supports these positive things, they will slip away from you. That is part of why people just don’t understand what they are doing wrong. They don’t understand why, despite doing everything right, good people and situations slip away from them.

Future Reality, Background Matrix Synergy, when activated, is as an energy program that is full of movement. This is because it is taking the intentions you’ve set forth in your Foreground Reality and making changes in your Background Reality so that your intentions are congruent and supported.

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Founder: Rev. Mariah Couture

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