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After the formation of Reiki by Usui Reiki, several other forms of Reiki were developed by devotees of the practice. Each of these, while holding the traditions of Reiki, has used different powers and energies in order to help encourage the healing process. One type of these new forms of Reiki that has become popular is known as Gold Reiki. This specific Reiki practice focuses on a certain universal energy to help with healing.

The practice of Gold Reiki offers a special emphasis on a specific source of energy that it calls on from the Rei, or universal energies. This call on those energies is known as the Golden Ray. The Golden Ray has several specific qualities and attributes that can be used in order to focus healing energies on a person.

This powerful Reiki Philosophy is based on Kundalini Reiki. Gold Reiki is helpful against fear, anxiety, and lower chakra issues. This technique has been developed by Ole Gabrielsen. From my point of view, this technique is a simple and intuitive way of practicing and teaching reiki, with no symbols, no prior exposure to energy work required, no esoteric belief or rituals, no restrictive rules.

The first attribute of the Golden Ray is in relation to purification. It is known that this energy can cleanse out certain blocks of energy that are in a person very easily. Because it is associated with a pure form of energy, it is said that it can move into one and cause a higher vibration of energy to move through that person, which will cause the healing.

A second attribute of the Golden Ray that is used in Reiki is being able to transform darkness and fear attributes. It can move these with its energy source into forms of light and happiness inside a person. If you are having problems with phobias, depression, etc. then using Gold Reiki as a source will help you to solve these problems.

There are three major attunements that are used when learning Gold Reiki. These will open certain channels where the Golden Ray energy can move in relation to your energies while allowing you to relax. If you decide to use these attunements on your own, then it is best to use each one in a period of five days. This will cleanse out each chakra one-by-one. After the last attunement is achieved, you can call on specific universal energies to help with your healing.

Gold Reiki deserves research if you would like to release your energies and improve your life. Everybody experiences reiki in another way and reiki energy is differently processed in all of us, thus making us again unique and with different abilities to heal or give healing energy to others.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Ole Gabrielsen

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