Grounding Empowerment

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Grounding Empowerment have strong affinity with the Earth energies, making one feel comfortable within the environment. The Grounding Empowerment is a simple energetic tool channeled to help ground and earth ones energies restoring the energy balance, preventing the energy field.

Grounding Empowerment is a powerful and useful energetic tool channeled to help:

– 0; Reduce confusion and anxiety
– 0; Restore the natural flows of energy, grounding and aligning the wearer with earth’s magnetic field
– 0; Facilitate control and direction in life
– 0; Ground spiritual energies and excess energies
– 0; To make you comfortable within your surroundings
– 0; Grounding during meditation allowing clearity of thought
– 0; Sort out problems
– 0; Transmute negative into positive energies
– 0; Increase well-being and bring optimism
– 0; Balance yin and yang and align meridians
– 0; Facilitate control and direction in life
– 0; Energize physical body.

Founder: Hari Andri Winsaro
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

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