Inadequacy Flush

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Inadequacy Flush has been brought to us in order that we may flush away those feeling of not being good enough. “Not being good enough” are feelings that can strip away joy and confidence. Feelings of inadequacy are some of the most insidious feelings of all. This is because of the emotional injury which occurs when a person feels that they do not meet a standard.

Your immune system’s health is adversely affected by emotional imprints of trauma or unworthiness. When a person has been told that they do not measure up in the eyes of another, they feel “less than”. This can often be registered by their body as not being good enough. This is stressful. Such stress is the leading cause of a person’s immune system being weakened.

Inadequacy Flush is a fast and easy way to flush away those imprints of being “less than”. Self Confidence Enhancement is also included to help you increase your self confidence, thus rebuilding your health in many ways.

You Inadequacy Flush can flush away:

– The feelings of “not being good enough”.
– Discontent over perceived inadequacy about one’s body size or features.
– The echo of people’s words about you.
– The echo of your own negative self talk.
– The feelings of not “measuring up” to another person’s standards.
– The fear of not “measuring up” to another person’s standards.
– The experience of being judged and found lacking in some way.
– The night dream feelings of scenarios where you were rejected.
– The night dream feelings from scenarios of others having impossible standards that you were expected to meet.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive 1 .pdf manual.

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