Kundalini Awakening

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Kundalini Awakening energy system consists of 3 levels. Each shall be received by an empowerment that provides you with a dose of these energies.

Anyone may accept the empowerments to this energy system. Only Reiki or Seichim Master Teachers may pass Kundalini Awakening onward to other people. This is due to the level of skill one must already have with strong energy frequencies prior to “awakening” another person’s Kundalini. Kundalini Awakening awakens your Kundalini to its next highest expression. Wonderful for people at all levels of their spiritual awakening.

Kundalini literally means coiled. This is because it is an energy that remains coiled potential until it awakens and begins to move and rise through your body. It is part of your subtle body, which consists of nadis (energy channels), chakras (energy centers), prana (subtle energy), and bindu (drops of essence).

Your Kundalini energy can help you learn about yourself and actually understand spiritual knowledge, thus gaining spiritual wisdom. It reveals itself in helping people have a more direct or “real” experience with the spiritual realms and that which is spiritual in themselves. Kundalini Awakening enlivens and beckons your Kundalini energies to arise and move through your body. The actual “awakening” of your Kundalini happens when you and your body are ready.

Kundalini Awakening gently dissolves away blocks or “corks” which currently limit your kindling’s rise up your spine. Sometimes there are blocks or “corks” in other energy pathways in your body as well. These could be the initial blocks of being in a physical body, who knows itself to be separate from all that is, until in your spiritual growth you reclaim your Divine Birthright to connect fully with your higher self, soul and Eternal Sacred Source. At other times, blocks or limitations to your Kundalini’s rise could be due to traumas. Any energetic limitations that you are ready to release will indeed drop away. This facilitates a smooth emergence and rise for your Kundalini.

Many people experience the hot and cold feeling of kindling’s presence in various areas of their body. Your Kundalini is not limited to the main energy pathways generally associated with its rise. There are millions of smaller energy pathways that it may also traverse. It may also be fortified from Eternal Sacred Source entering by way of your microcosm from the innermost region of your nuclei and DNA.

In this way, the traditional recognition of Kundalini rising only from the root of your sexual genital region and traveling up the spine to join with your head and crown is only one of its many paths.

After your empowerments of Kundalini Awakening, you may experience the Kundalini’s customary heat move up your spine. You may feel a hot and cold feeling on your back or the backs of your arms. It might feel like someone put a hot pack up to your back, only to replace it with a cold pack and switch back to hot. Your Kundalini energy increases healing. Your blood circulatory system may be better, moving smoother through your veins and arteries.

If your Kundalini is already awake, you can look forward to more balance and for your Kundalini to express itself in a new way after this empowerment.

Some things to look forward to after your empowerment:

– Sexual Magnetism
– Self Confidence
– Spiritual Confidence
– Your personal energy demands respect and you shall be treated respectfully
– Clearing of old unwanted sexual imprints from previous interaction
– Your body will feel safer when you next choose to be sexual with someone
– Increased physical strength in fight or flight situations
– Increased psychic protection
– Increased ability to natural burn away toxins
– Increased creativity
– Ease of understanding spiritual concepts
– Stronger, more real direct experiences with Divinity
– Less loneliness as you connect more deeply with yourself and
– Eternal Sacred Source
– Replenishing arrives and fills you naturally whenever you need it.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

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