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Everything in life is formed of vibration. This is a result of the movement of electrons and protons of every atom of every molecule of every substance. Vibration exists in objects, animals, people and the atmosphere. The vibrational frequencies of animate life are more active, vibrant and variant than inanimate matters. (If our hearing were to possess the necessary sensitivity to perceive all ranges of frequencies, we would be able to hear the music of flowers and grass, mountains and valleys, the singing of the sky and the stars and the symphony of our own bodies). All organs, tissues and systems of our body have similar vibrating atoms. When allergens or contaminated foods enter our body, it alters normal vibrational patterns of the body or system. When we have an unbalanced emotional or mental attitude, a misalignment of the subtle bodies with the physical body can occur. When this happens, the body needs help to restore itself to its original vibration.

When you focus sound vibration to a problem area, balance to that area can be temporarily restored. When there is balance, the body is more effective in eliminating toxins and negativities.

Sound is considered the direct link between humanity and the divine – it is the contributing factor to our present states of health and consciousness. The human body is a bioelectrical system which can be altered, strengthened and balanced through the use of sound.

There are 8 basic principles to healing sound: principle of resonance, principle of rhythm, principle of melody, principle of harmony, principle of pitch, principle of timbre, accumulative and detectable effects, sound as energy resonance (or sympathetic vibration).

From the LightWorker Series.

Founder: Nan Fahey
Distant empowerments sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive 1 .pdf manual.

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