Mental Deep Care

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For Dark Depression, childhood wounds, deeply rooted pain and depression.

Mental Deep Care is a modality to address the affliction of a dark depression that is deeply rooted within certain of us. Such pain is created by a wounding at the core of our being, a wound that is carried through life. It could have occurred in childhood, a traumatic episode at a vulnerable age, for example, or be a wound that has been carried across from a previous life. For some it can be traced through successive generations of their family.

Deep within the light body there is a pulse, a foundational vibration linked to our desire to live. The weakening of this pulse can lead to the Mental Deep Care state of mind. We have difficulty in maintaining the function of basic aspects of our life such as sleep, eating, caring for ourselves, a positive outlook and self-respect. The use of Mental Deep Care restores this pulse and thereby encourages us to act in ways that make us feel better about ourselves and our immediate environment.

Use the Mental Deep Care for:

– For depression and darkness of mind.
– For the sense of being cut off from source of light and any help.
– When fear of deep wounds from childhood, past lives or present life comes out.
– When sensitivity increases the suffering.
– For the feeling of being overwhelmed by suffering.
– When polarities in consciousness become heightened: good and bad, light and dark, etc.
– For persistent or long term problems that are linked to such mental states.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive 1 .pdf manual.

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