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Content of NET 10: Guided Meditations

 Flying tours over the landscape and tours in nature on the surface of the New Earth.
 Undersea tours in the oceans of the New Earth.
 A beginner’s course in the understanding of our new dimension and its natural laws.
 A beginner’s course in understanding our New Earth’s new plants such as trees, bushes etc. and their edible vegetables, fruits and berries.
 A beginner’s course in understanding the different nature beings, angels etc., now more tangible and visible in our surroundings on the New Earth. Insights in why they are needed there.
 A beginner’s course in understanding completely new beings etc. that will share the New Earth with us. This also includes visiting extraterrestrials and why they are there.
 The new technology, society structure and the everyday life on the New Earth.
 To create with the thought and manifest in the mind. The importance of Time in everything.
 To learn how to use the symbols from the NET courses to open dimensional portals, for yourselves and your friends.
 How we keep the New Earth safe for everything and everyone.

You will receive 2 .pdf manuals.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Channie C. Centara (West)

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