New Earth Teachers Part 2

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The love for everything that is happening now makes me feel very touched and eager to help in the best way possible. Maybe it isn’t just me, but you, too. Now I myself and also you will be able to help through this new part of the NET-course and its ignition. That will be the second in the set of initiations to open up our eagerly waiting fellow beings. Let us all in the best way possible help each other and Mother Earth to something higher.

Even if you yourself have reached far and have understood a lot, the majority of all people on Earth haven’t done that yet. Imagine the enormous problems that will surely occur when people are to leave the old to take their place in a completely new dimension. No matter how wonderful that place is, people will still feel grief over the loss of material things. We cannot bring absolutely everything from the old Earth. Their vibrations are old, worn out and too heavy for the New Earth. There will surely also be a lot of confusion about the reality of the new dimension and how everything is acting in the new higher level. It is a new world that even has different natural laws. People will also think about how things should be worked out and organized and what the structure of the society should look like. There will be confusion and questions, even if we have been prepared and have been able to see what is coming and what is awaiting us. Not everyone will be happy about leaving their old, perhaps high, position in society. In a practical way we will receive a lot of information and knowledge, but emotionally there is still a lot that they “out there” aren’t sure of, in terms of how it will be. They just can’t answer the question how the new human being really will react to things. There will be many different choices about occupations, relationships, etc. Suddenly we will be able to have our dreams come true with, for example, jobs. But then that particular function might not be needed any more.

You will receive 3 .pdf manuals.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Channie C. Centara (West)

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