New Earth Teachers Part 3

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Where can you see proof of the shift that happens all around us? Some people who are interested in stones and crystals have noticed changes in their quartz crystals over the last few years. They have started to heal themselves at the bottom where they were broken off the cluster. Moreover, they have also started to grow, actually growing out new smaller points. Then they changed again and started to even out on the surface and finally become a double-pointed crystal with a point in each end. Some people who own a whole crystal cluster may have gotten irritated with the cluster shedding and that some of the small points were falling off. If they were to look carefully at the pieces that fell off they would be able to see that they had become completed double-pointed crystals. That is the reason why they couldn’t stick to the cluster anymore. So take a look at whatever you have for quartz crystal. Maybe something happened that you haven’t noticed yet. Now, why is this happening? Of course it is all about the incoming energies that the New Earth is giving out. Ever since the New Earth came into existence until later on when it approached us, more and more quartz crystals have been reacting to her energy. It is an energy that favors the balance and harmony that double-pointed crystals give. These new crystals are like instruments that hold the sound of a new tone. When we come to the New Earth we will see that double pointed-crystals in all kinds of colors and shapes are more common there than other kinds of crystals. This means that those crystals have had an overall different process and origin, in comparison to how they are created here.

Before we go to New Earth we all need to be pure. All karma must not just have ceased to exist, but it also needs to be completely cleaned out. We are lucky because it is already on its way to being totally cleaned out. I feel very confident in my mind that this is possible to obtain. But before everything happens we also have to have processed our lives completely. We need, so to say, to sit before the Council of Death. Then when you reincarnate and get a new body you also get new possibilities to fulfill yourself on a new level. The more developed a race of being is, the more that person can choose before the next incarnation, and the higher spiritually that person can reach during its life. More advanced forms of life can add the wisdom and experiences that the old body had to their new bodies. They would then have that in a totally conscious way which means that they remember everything they learned and did in all their earlier life times.

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