New Earth Teachers Part 4

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Time… What is time? Is there any form of peace, for the one who does not have any time left? The structure of time and its weave are not easy to understand, but the ones who still do understand have both the time and the possibilities totally in their hands.

If you know what time is, you carry the ultimate knowledge, the knowledge that ties everything together. Yes, time is a powerful companion in our lives, someone that we see and experience in everything. Mostly we only see the side effects of time. But time ties everything together in our lives, even that which we don’t see such as nature, laws, etc. This is, of course, only a small part of all the forces and energies that exist all around in the universe and that are controlled completely, or partly, by time. The strong force of a star would not have become what it is if time hadn’t played a part in creating, developing and forming it. The atoms, its electrons, and their eternal dance around each other also need time in order to perform that dance. The atoms exist in everything and even in their little movement, time is needed. The first heartbeat of the fetus, when the heart suddenly starts to beat, happens when the fetus is developed enough and has reached the right phase, time-wise, for life. Tell me anything that isn’t steered or affected by time.

The one who knows what time is carries a mighty tool in his/her hand. Then you cannot only travel back and forth in time, but you can also rejuvenate yourself with it. Yes, the one who knows about time and also knows how to utilize it, can also make maximum use of it. You can bend it, stretch it, squeeze or compress it, find loops in time and see the wholeness in something that would otherwise be incalculable. But even the one who understands time can see that there are small pieces missing here and there. Time is partly like a tapestry with different threads woven into it; different possibilities are there depending on where you start looking at it.

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Founder: Channie C. Centara (West)

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