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In the last NET 7 course we were talking about how we are about to get a bigger brain capacity. New areas of our brains that have so far been unused are now being activated and awakened. This will, among other things, lead to certain side effects such as headaches and difficulties in concentrating. There is more about this in NET 7. But I also want to point out another problem. The upcoming time will be extra hard for people who suffer from psychological problems or disturbances. Many of the people that on Earth are called psychologically unstable or imbalanced will also get activated. Their brain capacity, just like everyone else’s, will of course also expand, but in their case it can lead to their acting even more irrational, or even frightening to their surroundings. So make sure to be understanding, give them love and be a little extra indulgent towards them. What counts for these people and also others right now is: If you carry a lot of frustration and aggression inside of you during this time, then that can possibly lead to even bigger psychological problems.

Right now the Universe is in a quite complex time. It is a time when the Good is being tried hard by the Evil. The meanness and the evil are awakening and getting activated to fight against the Good. But the Good and the New Light, though, are in a very strong majority in the Universe, which is good for us but frightens the Evil. Therefore the Evil searches for allies everywhere and in everything they can. So my advice is that you watch your thoughts. It would be good to fill them with love and peace. Don’t worry yourself over little things. Handle your frustrations in a good way, to handle it with dignity, without disturbing, damaging, or upsetting anyone with your anger. Try to let it be an inner anger that is still allowed to be vented in your mind. Whatever you choose, make sure to get the feeling out of you and clean out your system, so that you can find peace and the light again. Another way to do it in a more physical way is to make your way out in nature, and when there let your thoughts be purified. Let the wind blow you clean, the rain wash you, run, walk briskly, jump up and down, scream or whatever, but don’t break or damage anything in nature. Afterwards think of or ask for a very white light to wash through you from your top down. As if milk with light force would suddenly be poured right through you. Let the light purify all of you until you experience that calm and peace come back to your heart. This is supposed to be a time for preparation and of light for our ascendance to another light, the Dimension Light.

In NET 7 course we mentioned the words Dimension Force. Now in NET 8 we shall talk about Dimension Light. The New Light that belongs to our new dimension. This light is not the same as the New Inner Light, that which the Third Drop gives us.

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