Pleiadian Ascension Chamber of Light

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One of the most exciting aspects of the Pleiadian Lightwork is the use of healing chambers. These chambers etherically surround your entire body and aura and varying colors, frequencies and light. Each chamber has its own flow pattern and purpose in your ongoing quest for healing and spiritual mastery.

Direct transmissions from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light – Light beings from the Pleiades – who say it’s time now for spiritual growth, ascension, and healing which pull energy from our multidimensional, holographic selves into our physical bodies. These galactic healing techniques align us with our divine selves, raise our vibratory rates, and rejuvenate and balance our bodies, while accelerating spiritual evolution and stimulating emotional healing.

Ascension Chamber

This is a wonderful experience of oneness. The points of light filling the chamber are of such pure, peaceful, and high-frequency nature that they gently lighten your sense of body awareness. An actual experience of full-body ascension requires that your Ka Channels be open and that every cell in your body be karmically clear and to hold a high-vibrational light frequency. This enables your Christed Self to make a full descension into matter.

The Ascension Chamber creates a bridge between where you are now and your own enlightenment and ascension. Allowing you the spiritual experience of Oneness with the omnipresent Light, which has also been called the Infinite Sun, is the main purpose of this chamber. Most experiences of this chamber offer opportunities to access deeper spiritual knowing, surrender, peace and the elevation of light frequencies in your body.

Your experience in the Ascension Chamber will be unique to your own next step toward enlightenment and ascension, and will tend to be oriented toward giving you a ‘spiritual reference point’ in a higher state of beingness.

Appointment time: one hour

You will need to lie down on your back and you can also put some pillows under your knees. Relax without any disturbances or interruptions.

The Pleiadians state that they simply will not bring in a chamber if it is inappropriate at the requested time, so if this happens, I will find the appropriate chamber that you are ready for.

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