Protection Reiki Empowerment

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Protection Reiki Empowerment

This attunement works to surround you with protection to prevent others
from draining your energy. Whether you are a Lightworker, caregiver, or
just need some extra protection from negativity, this attunement will be
helpful to you.

Most of us have known people that just seem to drain our energy. These
people are actually Energy Vampires. They suck the life right out of you.
When they leave, you are left feeling tired and fatigued.
These people are actually draining your energies and often they do not
even realize they are doing it. You will notice that Energy Vampires will
always seem to feel better after spending time with you. This attunement
will put you in a circle of protection to prevent others from draining your

Energy Vampires are those people who always complain about everything,
try to get you caught up in emotional issues, and tend to stir up trouble and chaos. They can drain your energy while visiting you in person, talking to you on the phone, through emails, and personal letters. They do not always intend to cause harm or drain your energies, but the truth is that they often do. Their thoughts are always negative, and they may be co-dependent personalities.

Lightworkers and caregivers are often subjected to a great amount of
negative energies when working to help others. These negative energies
can drain you and often linger in your mind to continue draining your
energies. Over time, you may become ill because your energy is drained
away and your immune system weakened.

Using Protection Reiki Empowerment will surround you with a shield of
protection to block negativity and prevent others from draining your energies. This allows you to help others without being drained. The
energies of this attunement come directly from a strong connection to
Spirit, so that you are able to send healing and comfort others by drawing
on the Source energies, rather than your own personal energies. This will
help you to provide stronger healing to others, while keeping your own
energies strong and powerful.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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