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Purchases happen because of agreements. Attracting agreements is what these Purchase Attraction Rays do. They seek out people who both want and have the means to purchase whatever it is that you are offering. Those people will become aware of your business offerings then agreement occurs. Purchase Attraction Rays are in full alignment with Divine and Cosmic Law.

Every successful purchase happens because two or more people agree on the terms of the purchase. All the many variables that must come together in order for a person to sign a contract, shake your hand to seal a business agreement, hand you cash or a credit card at a your business’ register or click ‘buy’ online have one thing in common, agreement. Once all of the questions have been answered and discussion is complete, either agreement is there, and the purchase happens, or it is not, and no purchase occurs.

We all like it better when the purchase happens. Therefore, Purchase Attraction Rays have arrived to assist us in our business endeavors. Purchase Attraction Rays work within and under the authority of Divine and Cosmic Laws. Thus they are very safe and spiritual energies to call in and
activate for you, your client, your business and your life!

By attracting more people to your business that will actually meet the criteria necessary for a purchase agreement to happen, you will receive more money! If you want sell tickets to a fund raiser for a charity, Purchase Attraction Rays, working on the same principles, will attract people who both have the means to pay for those tickets and want those tickets! Purchase Attraction Rays are a win, win spiritual helper for all involved. Purchase Attraction Rays also conform to the free will law here on planet Earth because they only attract those who want to buy and have the money to pay for what you are offering.

Thus it is vital to attract people to your business offering, be it a service or sales oriented, who meet the criteria of not only wanting what you are offering, but also being able and willing to pay for it. Purchase Attraction Rays draw people to your business who meet all of that criteria.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

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