Reptilian Overlay Removal Session

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This Reptilian false skin has been imposed upon humanity which forces the host to be controlled by this suit, which also controls the whole entire body. The only parts that the suit doesn’t cover are the hands, feet, neck and face (but the entire body is still controlled by this suit). This is not any form of energetic implant or seal and this is not part of the soul, it is part of the body. Human bodies are different than human souls. A soul can be good and gravitational towards the light — in service to others, or the opposite — in service to self.

Approximately 65% of present day humanity have bodies that are either Reptilian or have Reptilian Overlays. The Reptilian Overlay is like a second skin, or a form of body armor that you are not able to just get out of. The overlay makes you Reptilian, even though you are not. It doesn’t matter if you are a starseed, or a normal human, you may have the overlay and it may be creating all sorts of issues for you in your life that you are not aware of.

There are many types of souls, including Angelic, Angelic-Galactic, Faerie, and more. If you do the removal, your life will be changed dramatically for the better. This includes more soulful emotional connections to others, more feelings of love, a deeper level of peace and a greater connection to your Higher Self.

Session time: 45 minutes or more. For the session you need to lay down in a relaxed state.

**Unfortunately, I have to add this text on this session. I am only adding it because clients have asked me about why another healer would actually say they are ‘officially’ the ‘appointed one’ to offer this particular session on their web site. Or the only elected person (we do not really know from where, whom or what). And this individual came to me many years ago for healing with his special needs daughter who did get better, so he wanted to learn how to be a healing facilitator. I trained this person in several healing modalities. I have had clients come to me for this session and they are glad they did it. My reviews on this session give great feedback and people experience relief. Unfortunately, there is a healer that says that ‘only’ they can do this healing on others or the ‘authorized chosen one.’ Or only they can offer the ‘real reptilian overlay removal’ and others offer something ‘fake.’ This is spreading false light. There are no ‘chosen ones’ for any of this work. Many hear the call to be a healer, but real healing is not a competition nor anything for one person to ‘covet’ or to ‘represent.’ Any type of healing session is nothing for someone to ‘possess’ and be the ‘authorized all knowing.’ It is really sad to see this type of behavior from another healer because it shows how much more healing people like this actually need and they are supposed to be helping to empower people, not spreading false information. It is keeping people further in the dark. These type of false statements stem from spiritual ego, which is the biggest challenge for healers to go through in the physical. These type of incorrect statements do more harm to the healer. In reality, any one can learn and do anything, and no one is the ultimate authority on any healing session. There are many different ways and methods to perform the same type of healing session. This is very limited thinking in a vast quantum universe and multidimensional reality that it could never be this way. Go with your intuition when you come across anything out there on the Internet misleading like this. Does it resonate as truth? Does the statement feel right? Does it feel like someone is seeking approval or needs to feel important? Does the information sound logical? Can someone really be 16,000+ DNA Strands activated and remain in the body? No. One must use careful discernment. To make such statements to be the ‘only one to be authorized to do a certain healing session’ is careless and far from spreading the light. That is old Atlantean 3D energy after the fall, and we are here to heal that lack mentality and outdated energy on the planet. It has no place on the new 5D earth.**


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