Sekhem Seichim (Level 1 & Master)

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Seichim is a powerful and beautiful healing energy and is channelled in the same way as reiki or many other healing modalities. It may be used alone or to compliment reiki treatments or in conjunction with other complementary therapies. Seichim is uncomplicated and requires no beliefs, when you are attuned to seichim you may simply use it to give healing to others or yourself. There are four main symbols to be used in Seichim; these are used as a focus to access specific aspects of the seichim healing. There are many variations on the symbols; however, they all work, as it is the intention that counts. I have also included additional symbols for you to try.

Seichim should be used intuitively. There are no rules and regulations, I find that the seichim leads me and tells me when to use a symbol, where to place hands. In my experience, attunement to Seichim is a life changing and profound experience and tends to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. You may find you begin to express your feelings more than you did before your attunement. Many people report feeling very certain of themselves and their aspirations, seichim removes limits and allows us to increase emotional fulfilment in our lives. It heals insecurities and leads to self-acceptance and of those around us.

This is a brief manual compared to my reiki first, second and master degree manuals as much of the understanding and information needed to work with Seichim or any other modality should already be understood from attunement to reiki. Seichim should only be given to those who are attuned to Usui master level. As a result you should already be familiar with attunements, distance work and concepts of energy work and healing. If you are not very confident with these issues, you may benefit from reading my other manuals, in which case, arrange to view them.

What is Seichim?

Seichim (pronounce say-keem) is channelled living light energy from the source; it is another aspect or vibration of the universal life force energy and is a healing modality like reiki. When you channel seichim you may feel a difference between this and the traditional Usui reiki you have been used to. Where reiki is the great, white, divine light, seichim may be understood as the rainbow, both energy systems come from the same place but feel different.

Seichim is an Ancient Egyptian Healing often incorporated with Reiki. Seichim is the feminine healing energy and Reiki tends to be more masculine. Seichim is a wonderful way of accessing the energy of mother earth and a path to deeper self-realisation and empowerment. It balances the yin-female aspect of our beings on all levels. Seichim and reiki work together as a unification of sacred healing energies to completely balance and harmonise a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Seichim master degree compliments traditional Usui reiki and comes from the word, “sekhem,” it is also known as SKHM, seichem and sekhem seichim.

History of Seichim

Seichim is the healing spiritual energy that the Egyptians used and was taught in the temples of ancient Egypt. Reiki master, Patrick Zeigler rediscovered seichim in 1984 in a similarly mystical way that Mikao Usui discovered reiki. Patrick was led to spend the night locked in the Great Pyramid of Giza. He fulfilled his childhood dream by finding a hiding place in the Pyramid and then coming out after the tourists and guards were gone. During his overnight stay in the Pyramid, Patrick lay in the King’s sarcophagus and while there experienced many initiations including an electric blue-white ball of light entering his heart. After leaving the Pyramid the next morning, Patrick spent the next several days in the Sudan with a group of Sufis. The spiritual leader of the Sufis was an Egyptian Sheik who passed on to Patrick the teaching that went with his Pyramid experience and called the energy “Seichim Seichim is associated with the Eastern goddess of compassion and mercy, Kwan Yin. The origin of Seichim is ancient Egypt, particularly Karnac, which, in ancient times, was a place of learning. he symbols for this powerful are found carved on the sides of the great Egyptian tombs and pyramids, also inside some of the tombs. There are many references to Sekhem in numerous scrolls found in ancient tombs and ruins of temples.

– Includes level 1 attunement & master attunement
– Manual
– Certificate (if needed)

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