Soul Lineage Genetic Integration

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A person’s soul energy, that is you, your spirit, your personality has a very strong influence on your body. It can change how your body responds to not only its environment, but also to the DNA and genetic codes within it. The genetic codes that your soul has stored within it, from any incarnation that any aspect of your soul has experienced can be read by your physical body. Sometimes it doesn’t pay much attention to these codes. At other times, your spirit energy is strongly laden with these codes and your physical body reads them as instructions rather than historical imprints. When the genetic codes and information from your soul’s previous incarnations are received as real as your physical DNA there can be some complications and adverse symptoms.

So, for example, let us say that you, in a previous existence, had a more bird-like body. Your soul energy, remembers your divine expression being more bird-like than humanoid. In this way, being in a human body may seem foreign. Additionally, your soul may try to express in a more bird-like fashion, signaling to any pre-historic bird genes that your now human body may have within it, and dormant, to awaken. I think you can see how such signaling could be counter-indicated for a happy healthy human body.

In truth, such genes would not actually awaken, for there are safety protocols in place within the human body. What does happen, however, is a strain on the inner balance of a person’s body when they are receiving information from their soul about what physical bodily expression is natural and it is contrary to the body they are currently in.

Activate your Soul Lineage Genetic Integration so that your body can be educated about your historical genetic expressions in a way that is safe and healthy for your human form. If there are genetic codes that can provide a strengthening of your human form, your body will use that information. If there are codes which felt threatening to this body, they will be rendered inert and won’t have an activate influence on your human form.

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