Strength Movers of the Light Divine Energy System

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The Strength Movers of the Light Divine Energy System will attune you to the functions and action sets that are associated with these Light Beings. They will also give you the Empowerments to the Strength Movers of the Light themselves and the Light Attendants who are associated with them.

Their names may be printed on cards, to make a deck of cards that may assist you to determine which of the Strength Movers of the Light want to respond to your question or intention at this time. This makes it easier to be unattached to the outcome of our question or our conscious mind’s expectation or who of the Strength Movers of the Light are best suited to assist you right now.

The Strength Movers of the Light are a group of Light Beings, many of whom you already work with by other names. They come together under the name of Strength Movers of the Light to bring you specific attributes, access and actions that you may otherwise have difficulty identifying and setting into motion for your life intentions.

They are Ascended Masters, Ancient Ones, Shining Ones, Archangels, Nature Spirits and others of Divine Lineages which prefer to remain in mystery in respect of the name by which they are normally known. These energies are aligned with Divine Law and Will. This means that if anyone attempts to use them for other than the Highest Divine Good they will simply be inactive and not carry out that part of your intention.

The Strength Movers of the Light are the Light Beings, the full authority Beings here, in the present time, for your edification along your path. They encourage you to be fully “you” and enjoy in your physical life here and now, all that you want, to support your journey in Service to All Life, your Soul and Source.

The Light Attendants were initially thought of simply as verbs or action words. I know them now to be Servants of the Light who are happy to wear the cloak that the English word ‘Light’ represents, to give us the movement and skills to carry out our intentions here in the physical world. They are used in conjunction with the Strength Movers of the Light and are happy to follow our requests so long as they are in alignment with Divine Will.

The Functions are specific commands that will achieve what is needed in the moment. They are, of course, carried out by The Strength Movers of the Light and the Light Attendants, though I was not privileged to know who is doing the work. It is likely they don’t want us attaching to the concept of only a particular group of them doing the Functions.

The Action Sets are usually more than one Command, normally a series of commands to do what is needed in the moment for our body or to fuel our intentions.

As these Beings and commands were revealed to me over the past two years, they were written on business card sized paper, to create a deck of cards. They were shuffled and used for my own personal divination and when doing sessions. I found this felt very odd at first, because I have never used any deck of cards whatsoever either in my work with clients, nor personally.

Print your cards on business card size stock paper. They provide excellent thickness and size for shuffling and using your cards. You may print these from the accompanying document that is provided with this manual.

When used with intention, each card represents a Light Being or a command that has a movement or attribute associated with it. The deck of cards does provide a way to remove our conscious mind from the ‘what is required now’ equation.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive 2 .pdf manuals.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Mariah Windsong Napieralski

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