Unified Chakra Empowerment

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Having unified Chakra allows you to carry higher frequencies of spiritual energy and helps function better in your energy body. This empowerment comes from spiritual source and is grounded by a human as it comes in. Unified chakra meditations and empowerments simply accelerate a natural process of harmonization and spiritual evolution.

This Empowerment for Chakra Unification is done by bringing in energy from spiritual source. This energy clears blockages to chakra unification and assists the process. I have set up a window for this empowerment to be called in and refresh it often so that the empowerment is always available. Anyone who wishes to receive it may do so at any time by intention.

The Chakra Unification empowerment harmonizes the functions of all the chakra from the Soulstar above the head to the Earthstar below the feet. After receiving the empowerment, your chakras will work together much more fluidly and effectively than in the past. The Soulstar is about 6 inches to a foot above the head. The Earthstar is 6 to 12 inches below the feet. Having unified chakra also makes the energy body much more self balancing. This empowerment does not merge or destroy the individual chakra but causes them to be much more interactive and harmonized.

They do not turn your energy system into One chakra but do greatly improve the functioning and interaction of the chakra system as a whole. Having Unified Chakra will allow a person to handle a fuller range and magnitude of spiritual energy frequencies and helps them stay in greater harmony with their own soul purpose. Chakra Unification also offers you more protected from unconscious absorption of energetic influences from others. This empowerment can help lead to a profound expansion of personal spiritual realization and is a valuable experience toward the path of wholeness and healing on all levels.

You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Peggy Jentoft

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