Universal Blessings & Universal Peace

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Energy exchanges are used to help you reconnect with the Universal Source in a specific way. As you focus on a particular area with positive intent, you cause the attention of the Universe to focus on that area also. The thoughts or information you feed your mind will be the actual directions that you give to the Universe.

Do not just keep the thoughts and information positive but you must make it constructive. This will build the results that you desire.

The Universal Blessing & Peace energy is to help open pathways for energy to flow between you and the Universe in a more productive manner. It will also dictate the purpose of the energy that is flowing. Your intent is what causes the energy to flow. The results you achieve will depend on the effort and energy that you put into it Results do vary from person to person and the only limitations are the ones that you make.

You will receive a .pdf manual.
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Tawan Chester, DD, PhD, MhypD

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