Animal Light Communication

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Because children have a very healthy empathy and are able to empathize with animals, they are tightly connected with them. So it may happen that they “translate” the “animally” messages for us adults. But often we don’t take them serious and even laugh it away, so that children often decide to forget these experiences and won’t trust their own senses. And after a while, they loose their gift… But it’s true – Anyone of us can be a channel for the language of animals. We just have to re-open it!

We often say: Anyone who learns to ride a bike will never unlearn it. But who hasn’t been riding a bike for a longer period of time, will have some problems in the beginning to keep balance. It will be a hard time of practicing and training until one is ready to go for a longer ride. It is the same with communication between humans and animals.

If a pet is missing, the human “owners” often ask for help from people that are able to communicate with animals – this also works over a distance if the communicator is very experienced in his/her job. They can find out where the animals are and what happened or why they vanished.

Even in a case of illness or behavioral disturbance this “animal-communicators” can help, as well as a guide while the animal is crossing over.

People who can communicate with animals can translate and tell the “owner” what is wrong or missing or should be bettered, for example regarding the relations, in daily life, at their home. One can also learn what your animal friend wanted to tell you for a longer time and what it thinks about you. It also works the other way round; the animal-communicator is able to make clear the language and thoughts of a human being or tell the animal what the “owner” wants to say or what he wants from the animal, though animals in the most cases have a great sensitivity and understand the human beings anyway.

We can find the reason of behavioural disturbances that may be caused by a change of the owner, shocks, fright and separation that can grow to a trauma. This can lead to behavioural abnormalities like aggression, vandalism, impurity, cleaning compulsion, inability to be alone and much more. With animal-communication we may find these reasons. Energetic work and a part of telepathy are a way to communicate with animals.

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