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Anti-depression Reiki connects you to your higher self and Spirit for healing. This system works to heal your body, mind, and spirit to balance any hormones or physical causes of depression. It also helps heal issues that lead to depression emotionally, and raises your mental energies to help release any negative vibrational causes of depression.

The love and light energies of Anti-depression Reiki helps to lift your spirits and give you hope, which lights the way out of the darkness of depression. The energies are excellent and very healing. You may feel lighter immediately after receiving this empowerment and also any time you run the energies.

For one reason or another, all of us have experienced a form of depression at some time in our lives. Often this can manifest because of a hormone imbalance as in the case of menopause for example, or chemical imbalances which can happen as a result of sometimes drug abuse, or more often a form of mental illness such as Bi-polar, (manic depression). And still yet, there are other times that are more common manifestations of depression that are brought on by some incident, issue, or challenge that has come into our lives unexpectedly. This form of depression is the form most often treated with medication such as antidepressants of various kinds.

The problem with this last form of depression is that often the medications actually only temporarily treat the symptoms, and the situation that led to the depression in the first place is still there brewing, but masked. And taking antidepressants for long periods of time can dull your senses so that many creative people are unable to experience those emotions that drive them to create. The medication dulls the emotions and feelings as a treatment of symptoms. Worse still, is that taking these medications for long periods of time, may lead to your physical body no longer being able to produce enough dopamine and seratonin. When that happens, the antidepressants may have caused more harm than one could imagine.

When someone feels depressed, they are expressing an emotional response to negative and false thought forms. This means that someone who is depressed is overwhelmed with thoughts of extreme sadness and feelings of lack, loss, and powerlessness.

The energies of Anti-depression Reiki draws on the creative source energies of infinite intelligence to manifest good health and to help heal depression. The energies work to help you change your thoughts in positive ways to clear out those negative false thoughts of gloom and doom. Working with these energies bring feelings of empowerment happiness, and clarity of your thoughts so that you can focus in positive ways.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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