Celestial Healing Encoding

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A powerful encoded Ethereal Crystal which, when activated, can facilitate a change in the vibration of the energy field and thereby effect healing changes by raising the vibration and detoxifying the aura.

This encoding may be used in combination with other vibrational healing modalities. It may also be used on a regular basis to maintain the health of your energy field and through this may manifest healing changes on other levels of your consciousness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

During the Celestial Healing Encoding attunement, an ethereal crystal is imprinted into the energy field of the recipient.

The Ethereal crystal is imprinted into your energy field at the level of your Sacral Chakra. It is the Chakra that is associated with expression of emotion and creativity.

Blocks in our creativity and particularly from past memories which are also held in this center, can be the originating factor in a number of health issues and this encoding can help us work on these in many levels.

When we activate this Celestial Crystal, we are evoking a field of energy around us that has a high vibrational frequency that is naturally tuned to assist us in re-balancing our energy field; it helps us to release blocks and memories from the past and to enhance our creativity; the more fully we express our true self, the more ‘whole’ we become.

In addition to this, this crystal has a purifying and energizing effect that can help to detoxify the system or protect it from negative vibrations or pollution, it has been programmed with a specific energy ‘ message ‘ that comes from a tribe of celestial light beings.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Rev. Dr. Anna May

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