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Celestial Reiki was channeled and brought to us by Vision in the Stars Reiki Academy. In the accompanying manual to this celestial reiki attunement, it explains, “I came upon this type of Reiki while in a deep meditation. I began to see the solar system as a whole, and each planet as a burning force of healing light. I wanted to know more and so I asked my guides how I could channel this energy and teach others how to channel this energy. I was then filled with much already discovered knowledge, presented to me in a different light.

I was told that each planet carries its own healing properties and that if channeled by a pure light being, a natural healer, these energies could be used to help the body, mind and spirit heal. As astrology is a very well researched topic, it has never been said that these planets we use to map out our future and lives could be used to heal emotional, spiritual and physical wounds. I asked my guides what it is that I should tell others about this system and each planet along with the earth’s moon, lit up. A higher being then contacted me and began speaking to me, and showing me how to cultivate this energy for the greatest good.

Planetary Reiki is the study of how the energy of the planets within our solar system can allow us to heal. Each planet carries with it a different energy and represents a different aspect of our lives. By using this energy we can start to change and improve our lives for the highest good.”

Planetary Reiki concentrates on the cores of each planet, and how the energy of the core can be translated into healing energy. In our study we will be looking at Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the Moon. These planets contain the core energy that we want to access and channel. This type of Reiki opens our minds and connects us to each of these planetary energies and allows us to channel them into our everyday healing.

In addition to using the cores of the planet, we must also recognize the flow and movement of each planet in alignment within our own. Astrology explains a lot about how each planet takes a turn in retrograde, and how each planetary energy reaches high and low points. We already know this because of the way our moon goes through phases. This is the same for each planet, and when doing planetary healing, you will need to be aware of these changes. I would suggest paying a lot of attention to the Witch’s Almanac, because though Reiki is non religious, the almanac carries the dates and times for each planet’s pattern and will be a useful tool in your practice.

The celestial reiki course covers:

Planets and the Gods
Symbols and definitions
Retrogrades and Patterns
Sun Signs and Symbols
Celestial Reiki Techniques
Self Healing Process
Passing on Attunements

Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Founder: Vision in the Stars Reiki Academy

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