Clear Past Life Persecution Issues that affect you and play out in your life and timeline clearing with Merlin Healing®

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This session is for clearing past life persecution issues. Anything ready and ripe enough to move out for you now, will lift. Past life persecution issues affect you in this life and keep repeating and playing out for you. There will be many issues that lift in one session, and it is good to repeat it, as more and more will be ready to lift out.

We all have these persecution issues, where we’ve been wronged for something that wasn’t wrong to do. In ages past there was a lot of persecution against those who didn’t hold the same beliefs of those in power and some horrific things were done in those times. We still carry the energy of those past events, and it can be triggered unconsciously by current events.

Dictionary definition of persecution: hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs.

Past life persecution issues sit in the unconscious part of the mind – that which you aren’t conscious of. They impinge on our life here and now and it seems we’ve moulded our character to a degree around the influence of these issues. In releasing, Merlin merges and separates the past life consciousness and separates it from our present-day consciousness. It feels quite liberating on the whole physically once they’re cleared. It changes the cellular memory as if updating and upgrading it.

After issues are cleared, I work with Merlin to clear similarly connected incidents along your timeline – coming forward from the first incident to present time.

Some other examples of past life persecution issues which often result in losing your life in past lives:

Being a healer
Being different so others became suspicious
Being part of another religion against the norm
Being part of no religion when it was forced on society
Working with herbs
Being psychic or having vision
Being a wizard or witch and burned for it

When talking of Merlin, we don’t mean the Merlin of legend. In that sense it is used as a title and has been by many people through the ages. When talking of Merlin through this healing session, we’re talking about the ancient being who is the source of the energy that is being worked with. The source of the energy Merlin worked with.

Merlin Healing® is a registered trademark of Keith M Mapson. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

I personally work on you for 45 minutes as a healing facilitator, via long distance.

Certificate issued if needed.



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