Cosmic Alignments

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Cosmic Alignments focuses on the combined energies created during planetary conjunctions. We stress Solar and Lunar Eclipses because the info is more accessible, we are directly involved with their alignments, and the energies effect a wider range of things. Other planetary alignments occur and are included but take a longer period of time to occur than these take. They are not usually perceived with the naked eye but their combined energies can still be accessed. See the Links section for sites that list other planetary alignments.

The occurrences of Solar & Lunar eclipses are more frequent than others and produce powerful Yin & Yang energies. These energies work together so that you can make the journey along your life’s path a little smoother. These energies help uncover that which is hidden and allow you to access it. They also help you get rid of things that are not of use to you and permit you to make adjustments for a new start. The more frequent eclipses fall into one of two categories: Solar or Lunar. Each category has different types of eclipses with varying degrees of energy.

Cosmic radiations from space that reach the earth come from all directions. These rays are powerful, high in energy and very penetrative in nature. Cosmic energies can be very destructive and creative by nature. Their sources include but are not limited to planets, solar systems, stars, clusters, meteors, black holes, etc… There is much about our universe we have yet to learn. The cosmos have an endless array of untapped energy and possibilities that influence us at any given time.

Be prepared for hidden unexpected issues to surface. They can be emotional, physical, etheric, or spiritual. They may be similar to detoxing. Your experiences may seem subtle or strong and there is no set timing for them to present themselves. You want to be prepared or alert to any changes so that you can deal with them appropriately. This is a time of endings and of new beginnings. This energy helps to uncover and put an end to things and issues that could be hindering, slowing or stopping your progress. It also allows you to begin new projects or put into action fresh new ideas that will receive an extra blast of help.

You will receive a .pdf manual.
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Tawan Chester, PhD MhypD

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