Ganesha Empowerment

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The empowerment is in reality a triple empowerment focusing on these 3 qualities that Ganesha process:

• Deity of Wisdom.
• He who removes obstacles from your spiritual way.
• He who brings success on the secular and spiritual

Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is not “only” a Hindu deity, but also a Mahayana Buddhist deity. On my last trip to Thailand I even found out, that he is also worshipped there. The Buddhism in Thailand is Hinayaa also called Theravada, but some Hindu deities are worshipped anyway and placed in many of the “spirit houses” you see everywhere in Thailand. Ganesha is specially appreciated because of the many elephants they have in Thailand, and if you come to a place that offers elephant rides, they will also have a figure of Ganesha.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Jens Søeborg

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