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HEALING THE FAMILY SOUL with Meredith Pavlidis, Practitioner.

Healing the family soul is a healing service working over 9 days, and where you do not have to leave your home.

This therapy always begins on a Thursday.

Healing the Family Soul works to release the following karmic vibrations from your soul and the soul of your family, ancestors, and soul ancestors too: Violence, sexual abuse, poverty, abandonment, betrayal, addictions, and serious illness, plus collective patterns such as the belief in suffering and patriarchy.

ANCESTRAL HEALING in turn heals the living soul family, and when the living soul that is you heals your own consciousness you alone are not lifted into a higher spiritual existence, but also your ancestors both biological and soul. The SOUL FAMILY is a group of soul energies within countless souls in your lineage, as well as those souls in your biological family now, and those souls you resonate with on a higher spiritual plane. Within all these souls is your soul group energies playing out again and again. NOW is the time you can heal all of that energy, NOW is the time YOU can be the saving grace of the family soul. This special dispensation is given by the celestial plane through this team of spirits – The Two Roads Spirit Team.

To embark on this healing, all you have to do is join the event and pm your email address. I will send you a program and booking details for the nine day ritual you do at home, and I will be doing it with you too at my own home. The Two Roads Spirit Team will be doing it with you too. This work releases all karma of the family soul, throughout time and space, so that Christ Self can be actualized on Earth.

There are three levels of this work:

Higher Level – As you work at home The Two Roads Team of celestial spirits will be attuning you with the various healing rays necessary, and working in co-operation with your dis-carnate ancestors.

Middle Level – Healing Channel, Meredith Pavlidis, will be holding sacred space, bringing the team’s energy down and through her energy field in order to make it real on Earth.

Ground Level – You will be doing your 5 minute candlelit ritual at your home for the 9 days of the work. I will send you all the relevant instructions and it is very simple.

Personal Investment: 30 euros

Meredith Pavlidis is a practitioner of the Soul Family Healing under the Two Roads Foundation and Eliza White Buffalo.

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