Zenith Omega™ Level 1 Healing Session

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Zenith Omega™ works with Light Language, Color Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Sound, and Sacred Guides to dissolve blocks in the our etheric meridians and matrix system, allowing the reintegration of source energy back into our physical DNA. This allows more light to enter into our energy field. As acupuncture works on the physical meridians, Zenith Omega works on all meridians where everything starts, and is effective in reorganizing latent DNA, creating openings that support us in our path to wholeness.

With intent and desire and the support of magnificent etheric guides, Zenith Omega facilitates the transformation of any unbalanced emotion or ailment and assists in our spiritual transformation.

As the color energy patterns resonate through the body’s energy pathways, it flows into the surrounding cellular structure and permeates all the way to the very DNA, and begins to release energy blocks at the genetic level.

Zenith Omega Clears Blockages

Because Zenith Omega™ is designed to clear ALL blockages, this color energy infiltrates into all of the energy fields that surround the body, where the energy begins to release issues and stagnant patterns-blockages-that have been stored, programmed, or encoded there. With the cleared fields of energy, the mind begins to see through illusionary issues and stagnant patterns, and can now make choices from a more realistic aspect, rather than through false illusions, fear, anger, ego, greed and guilt, one or more of those debilitating and crippling dis-eases.

Zenith Omega Clearings Heal & Ground You

Once Zenith Omega has cleansed your field, the pure energy flowing from source, again moves through you as intended. The brain and heart centers reconnect. Your mind becomes alive with the truth of who you are. Your life becomes centered. You become aware of a sense of wholeness and effectiveness; your purpose becomes clear as you move forward along the path of your choice.


– An increased feeling and sense of well-being
– Clarity of ideas and purpose
– More self-confidence and personal power
– Greater insight into yourself and others
– Physical healing
– Expansive abilities
– Restoration of joy and laughter in life
– Better communication and understanding in relationships
– Feeling balanced and centered in a forever deepening experience of love.

I facilitate 6 healings in one session out of many Zenith Omega™ healing/clearings.

Level 1 is the Foundation of all other Zenith Omega clearing & healing volumes.

Zenith Omega™ Level 1 Clearings

1. Love
2. Clearing Field of Fear
3. Integration for: Subliminal Program Clearing & Shielding
4. Clearing for Forgiveness
5. Openness
6. Clearing for Anger & Guilt
7. Clearing for Hearing & Retention
8. Change Rapid ~ Lasting ~ Beneficial ~ clearing blockages
9. Integration for Restoration of Self-Worth
10. Field Protection
11. Clearing for Acceptance
12. Integration for Truth
13. Integration of Purification
14. Integration & Bonding of Body Mind Spirit Will & Soul
15. The Path
16. Violet Cloaking
17. ASD Points (Astral System Dysfunction clearing)
18. Opening the Seeing Eye (3rd eye)
19. Restoration of the Divine Plan
20. Integration for the Transition
21. The Awakening
22. Integration to Release the Flow of Creativity (Isis Flow)
23. Integration for Creator’s Will
24. Integration with One’s Divine Deity Center
25. Surrender of Ego
26. Power Integration
27. Doubt
28. Clearing for Accountability
29. Responsibility
30. Self Esteem
31. Respect of Self
32. Self Reliance
33. Clarity of Thought
34. Patience
35. Trust
36. Honesty
37. JOY
38. Happiness
39. Understanding
40. Kindness
41. The Celebration of Life
42. Masters Trauma Shield
43. Independence and Freedom
44. Clearing for Color
45. Throat Chakra Crystal
46. Third Eye Crystal
47. Heart Chakra Crystal
48. Return to The Path

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