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Joyful Wealth Reiki connects you to the energies of Spiritual Creative Source and your higher self. The energies of this empowerment work to help you realign your energies with happiness and joy in order to bring more wealth into your life. Many people have plenty of money, but do not have wealth. Being joyfully wealthy means being in harmony with all that you need and following your true path. When you do what you love to do, and when you love yourself enough to always take care of yourself, joy will come into your life and bring all of the wealth and love you need and more.
Joyful Wealth helps you to connect to the Universal Creative Source in order to align your energies with your path for your highest good. Joyful Wealth helps you fulfill your highest potential for the highest good by helping you to realign your energies to a higher vibration.

Joyful Wealth Reiki is one of three systems Spirit has given me at this time to help humanity rise above and beyond lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness. These Three systems (Purple Prosperity Reiki, Gold and Silver Abundance Reiki, and Joyful Wealth Reiki) will all work together to enhance the energies of each of them if you choose to use them together. They are sold separately and can be used individually for powerful results or in combination with each other. When used in combination with each other, they work to help difficult money issues to resolve and heal quicker, which can bring in positive prosperity, abundance, and wealth faster than it would normally take.

To be truly wealthy, you must love yourself enough to always take care of you first. This does not mean selfishness—this means that you always make sure you honor yourself in all you do. You do not allow others to treat you in ways that are not healthy. You deserve to be treated with respect
and love. Keep in mind that you must treat yourself with respect if you want others to treat you good. When you allow others to make you feel less than worthy, or to make you feel embarrassed about who you are, you are allowing others to treat you in a disrespectful way, and in fact you are
treating yourself in a way that does not honor you.

There is a difference here between being arrogant or selfish and being respectful and honoring yourself. Arrogant or selfishness only cares about themselves and are willing to hurt others to get what they want. But being respectful and honoring yourself, is simply taking care of yourself, and being good to yourself out of love for yourself and others. When you honor and care for yourself, you do not do things to hurt others on purpose just to get what you want. You share, take turns, give and receive in equal measure.

Being Joyfully Wealthy is a way of life in which you give and receive and feel good about yourself. It gives your life value. You must value yourself, your ideas, your thoughts, your hopes and dreams, as well as giving and receiving. Feeling worthy is part of being truly wealthy. Because wealth is more than just money, though having money is a part of it. Joyful wealth is being in a happy state of mind that gives your life value and gives and receives in equal measure. Compassion, love, kindness are all a part of Joyful Wealth. You cannot be joyfully wealthy if you are giving and never receiving because when you do this you are not giving equal value to your wants and needs as you do to others. Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are just as important as anyone else’s. Others deserve to be happy and so do you. In other words, you cannot put others above yourself and be joyfully wealthy. Instead realize that the wants and needs of others is equally important as yours.

Women are particularly prone to giving and never receiving, because as a mother, you give to your infant, putting that infant’s needs above your own. This is as it should be. But what happens is that over time, the infant grows and you find you are still giving and putting this child’s need over your own. As women we have this instinct, we do it for our children, our husband, our family. And it becomes a habit.

One day we look up and realize we are not getting any respect, we are giving so much of ourselves we have nothing left for ourselves, and we feel despair and unworthy. We try harder and harder to make those we love happy – which does not work. And then we crash. We start feeling that we haven’t done enough, we haven’t given enough, we simply feel we are not good enough.

But this is a false reality that we have created for ourselves. The truth is we are worthy. You are worthy. And it is time to be Joyfully Wealthy.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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