Magickal Lightwork Program (6 empowerments)

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Magickal Lightwork Empowerments include:

1. Magickal Lightwork Higher Self
2. Magickal Lightwork Angels
3. Magickal Lightwork Fairies
4. Magickal Lightwork Dragons
5. Magickal Lightwork Goddess
6. Magickal Lightwork Guides

Detailed descriptions are below.

1. Magickal Lightwork Higher Self

Your Higher Self resides in the Spiritual Plane and is the seat of your soul. It is the very essence of you, the part of you that is pure, unconditional love, and this part of you is perfect. It is the part of you that is born of Spirit, (God, Goddess, Source, Universe, etc.) and it is the Divine part of your existence.

Your Higher Self does not judge or condemn you or anyone else. It is energy in its purest form. And, in reality, this is who and what you are — a pure, perfect Being of Light Energy, who has chosen to experience the physical plane.

When you are able to connect with your Higher Self, you will have access to the energy of pure light and wisdom.

Listen to your Higher Self: Your Higher Self wants to guide you, but you must pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to hear and understand the messages. You do not need an empowerment to connect to your Higher Self, however, the Magickal Lightwork Program Higher Self empowerment will raise your vibration, strengthen your connection, and speed up your ascension and ability to connect to your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self always guides you to use your mind and knowledge in a way that follows your heart—love and compassion. It will always guide you to right action. Above all, your Higher Self will light the way to following your life path, and facing the challenges of your life lessons with courage and understanding.

The Magickal Lightwork Program Higher Self empowerment will clear blockages that may be slowing or interfering with your ability to consciously connect to your Higher Self. It opens the path and clears the way so that you can connect consciously and easily with your Higher Self. Connecting to your Higher Self will help you with understanding the 12 Universal Laws and guide you in using them to change your life by raising your vibration. As you study the 12 Universal Laws, allow yourself to be filled with unconditional love. This connection to your Higher Self as you learn the Universal Laws will heighten understanding so that Wisdom (knowledge plus compassion and unconditional love) can come to you, and increase clarity.

2. Magickal Lightwork Angels

Angels are all around us. They watch over us, and bring us comfort when we are having trials and challenges in life. Each of us has at least one guardian angel with us at all times, and many of us have two or more. These beautiful Beings of Light keep us safe, protecting us from danger whenever we need them.

As a general rule, Angels will not interfere in our own free will. But if we ask them to intervene and help us, they will come to our aid. The exception to this is, if we are in danger and it is not written in our charts, angels will step in and rescue us without being asked. Otherwise, angels are always with us watching over us, but they will not interfere with our lives, unless we ask them.

Angels are very powerful, and when you do ask them to help you, they will respond with speed. They are Higher Beings, lighter, quicker, and less dense than our human bodies. The feel of an angel giving you a hug will send ripples of energy through your body that fills you with joy! The feel of an angel healing you is like waves of air from their wings rushing against your skin. And if you have ever experienced hearing heavenly music—which I have once—it is indescribable. It is literally the most beautiful sound you will ever hear. I only heard it once, and only for a couple of minutes, then it was gone. I do not know how I got myself into the state of mind to hear it—it just happened, but it is the song of the universe itself— one song in perfection. It was in the evening, that time of twilight when the veils between the worlds are thinner. Dawn and dusk are the two times of the day—twilight—when you are most likely to experience otherworlds, such as the realm of fairies, or angels, or dragons, etc.

Angels will come to your aid when you call on them, no matter what your need. They do not judge you, and they do not mind your calling on them for help. In fact, they wait for you to ask them for help. There is a divine plan, everything works in perfect order, and the angels understand that when someone is born on this Earth, that the journey will not be easy for you. They know we are here to learn lessons, to grow, to raise our vibrations and they want to assist us in any way they can as long as it is for the highest good. Each of us have our own guardian angels who watch over us. Some people have several angels around them all the time. These angels are personal guardians, who will do what they can to help you on your spiritual journey. They can help you find peace and comfort when your heart aches. They can assist you with financial problems and help you get the money you need to continue your work and your journey on this Earth. They can give you healing energies to speed recovery, they can guide you to opportunities, and so much more.

On this Earth, in the physical plane, we sometimes become off track or distracted from our mission and the work we came here to do. Angels are here to protect us and also to help with providing the energies we need to complete our contract or the work we agreed to do before we were born.

They want us to be successful, to improve, to grow, to learn, and to do the work we love to do. You need only to ask your Angels to come to your aid and help you and they will. You do not need an empowerment to connect with your personal Angels, however, the Magickal Lightwork Program Angel
empowerment strengthens the connection and does speed your ascension by raising your vibration.

3. Magickal Lightwork Fairies

Working with Fairies in both magick and lightwork is a joy! The Fairies have a great sense of humor and like to play jokes at times, but these are all in fun and are never harmful. Fairies are everywhere in Nature, and often will come into your home if they feel welcome. Most animals can see them and hear them, and if you pay close attention to your dog when you are outside, and you see your dog’s ears twitch as if listening to something and then the dog will turn it’s head to look into a tree, flower, or bush—you can be sure there is a fairy talking to the dog. When you look in that
direction, you may or may not see the Fairy. Trust your animals, they know when Fairies are around.

The fact is, that many Fairies are distrustful of humans. After all, in their opinion, we are destroying the Earth with trash and pollution, killing off whole species of plants and animals, and totally disrespecting the Fairies. So to work with Fairies, you must gain their trust. Do this by showing the Fairies that you care for Mother Earth. Put out food for wild birds and animals, don’t throw trash on the ground, recycle, pick up trash you see on the ground, plant flowers, trees, bushes, etc. Just make an effort to help take care of the Earth. The Fairies appreciate it whenever you do something that helps the Earth.

Fairies like to have fun, and they enjoy sharing this sense of joy with others, humans included. Dancing, music, playful times that allow your inner child to have fun are a part of working with the Fairies. They like gifts or offerings, and one of their favorites are shinny stones. They believe in a fair trade and will often take one of your stones or crystals and in its place you may find a button, or something.

Fairies are wonderful healers. They will clear your aura, help heal your wounds, illness, or disease, and they are quick to respond when you need emotional healing. When working with the Fairies for healing, it helps to be outside. If possible, get out into Nature, in the grass, or near the river, sit in the shade of a tree. Have you ever noticed that when you allow yourself to be in direct contact with the Earth, such as sitting on the grass, or working in your garden, or just sitting in the shade admiring the flowers, etc. that you will feel more relaxed? The chances are that Fairies are around you and they are working to remove the negativity and the stress that is clinging to you. Sometimes a specific bird will land very close to you on a tree branch and sing to you, or a butterfly will come up to you and flutter around you and keep circling around you. These are one of the ways Fairies will let you know they are around you.

Fairies will bring inspiration and joy to you with their positive energies by helping your inner child come forth to see the wonder and beauty in all of Nature. I do encourage you to get to know the Fairies and to work with them, because their energies are very beneficial and they are so much fun to work with.

4. Magickal Lightwork Dragons

Dragons are very powerful, very elegant, and very wise. They have been around for a very long time, and they command respect. Whenever you are working with Dragons, remember that they are very intelligent, and value games of wit, such as riddles.

The legends of Dragons being vicious and evil, is born of fear. Dragons do not eat people or demand a fair maiden as a payment for their help or protection. The fear people had or do have of Dragons originates because people do not understand or know much about Dragons. People tend to fear what they do not know or understand. The legends and stories of Dragons being terrible creatures of destruction has caused Dragons to withdraw from people in order to protect themselves from being hunted and slain. The truth is that Dragons do not want to harm people. They have become very secluded and are multidimensional creatures who can move through what we consider to be solid objects in the physical world. They can do this because they are very intelligent and understand that the physical realm is an illusion—a manifestation of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In reality, the physical plane is a manifestation of the way we perceive the world around us. Dragons know this and so they are able to move through things we believe to be solid in the physical plane. Dragons use this ability to stay hidden from people so that they do not scare anyone and so that the wild panic of those who fear Dragons does not cause chaos and breed more fear. Dragons do not seek to harm people, and they do not want people hunting and killing them either. So they usually stay away from people and live in seclusion peacefully.

Dragons will lend their energies and power to your Magickal Lightwork, and they will offer guidance and wisdom to keep you on track in your life path. If you are facing challenges in your life, and you feel confusion over what is the best way to proceed, ask your Dragon friend and guide for help. Dragons have excellent memories, and they never forget a kindness or a cruelty toward them. Dragons will protect you, guide you, and offer their assistance if what you ask is for the Higher Good.

5. Magickal Lightwork Goddess

Throughout ancient times, the Goddess has brought balance to the Universe through the feminine aspect of Divinity. God and Goddess are in balance, God initiating creativity or manifestation, and Goddess doing the actual creation or manifestation. Both are necessary to having balance in the Universe and both are present in all that is, including each one of us.

This empowerment works with the feminine energies of Divinity—the Goddess. She is the Divine Maiden, the Sacred Mother, the Wise Crone, and She represents the phases of life. As the Maiden, She is the essence of youth, birth, strength, courage, and the beginning of things. As the Mother, She is the nurturer, the protector, the provider, and the comforter. As the Crone, She is the essence of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and power. In all phases, the Goddess brings life, love, abundance, and manifestation of happiness. Her connection to the Elements is generally seen as being water and earth, while the God is generally represented by air and fire. However, there are Water and Earth Gods, and Sun and Air Goddesses, so both are actually present in all things and in all life. But generally, if you are working with simply the God and Goddess, Air and Fire represent the God, while Water and Earth represent the Goddess.

The moon always represents the Goddess, and the phases of the moon delve into the astrological aspects. Here, I will give you a bit of very basic information concerning the moon phases. The New Moon and when the moon is waxing (or growing toward becoming full) represents the Maiden, The Full Moon represents the Mother as She is considered at her peak of femininity and motherhood during this time. The waning moon (when the moon is getting smaller—moving toward becoming the new moon again) represents the Crone. These are the phases of life—birth, fullness, and death, rebirth again, etc.

When the moon is new and growing you will want to work to bring things toward you. When the moon is full is a peak time to work toward manifesting what you want. When the moon is waning or getting less full, you will want to work to banish or remove things you do not want. So, if you are working toward prosperity, you would work to bring this to you while the moon is growing (waxing) and full. But when the moon is waning, you would work to banish or remove lack and limitation or poverty thinking. In this way, you are still working toward manifesting prosperity and abundance, but the way you work on it is a bit different.

The Goddess is known by many names, and these vary by culture. The triple Goddess is the maiden, mother, and crone. There are many times when you will want to call upon the Goddess in all three phases, and to do this you would simply add at the end of your magickal working, “in the name of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone”.

There is no reason to fear the Goddess. She brings love, light, happiness, creativity, protection, joy, laughter, abundance, prosperity, and psychic messages. Calling on Her balances the masculine energies with the feminine energies—yin and yang. Both are equally important and both are necessary to life.

The Goddess encourages each of us, and especially women to stand in our own power—to be empowered. This is what the Magickal Lightwork Program Goddess empowerment connects you to—being empowered, being strong, self assured, self sufficient, confident, independent, courageous, wise, kind, loving, and being who you truly are. While you do not need to have any empowerment to work with the Goddess, this empowerment is empowering, and connects you to the power and energies of the Goddess in a way that accelerates your spiritual growth.

6. Magickal Lightwork Guides

Working with your Guides will help your spiritual ascension, and enhance psychic abilities. Guides communicate in many ways with us—through meditation, automatic writing, all of our physical senses, and through signs in nature. You may hear your Guides speaking to you. They will always
speak directly and to the point, and they will never ever tell you to do something that is harmful to you or anyone else. Your Guides always work for the Highest Good. You may receive visions, during meditation, or flashes of insight at any time. These messages may or may not make sense to you at first. Sometimes, with visions, you will have to think about all the different images and piece them together to understand the message. Writing them down may help you with become clear on what they are trying to tell you. You may feel a sense of knowing something, but not know how you know—only that you know. You may have a gut feeling or instinct about something. You may receive messages through a certain song you hear, or something you watch on television that suddenly gives you insight. You may smell a fragrance or familiar smell spontaneously, which could be very brief or linger, or even just be in one area of the room or house. You may see flashes of colored lights. You could see an animal that is not normally around – a certain bird may fly right at you, then suddenly turn and fly away, or it may come very close to where you are.

You could see an animal that is not expected to be in a certain place, yet there it is, and it looks right at you, or stands very still showing it is not afraid of you. These are just some of the ways your Guides communicate will with you.

You may have many Guides. Angels, Fairies, Dragons, not only watch over you, but also can and often do offer guidance. You may have animal guides, spirit guides, and even loved ones who have crossed over that come around to offer their assistance and give you guidance. Most people have many guides. The problem is that many people do not pay attention to their guides or acknowledge their guides in any way. The guides are there whether anyone listens or not. They do not interfere in your free will, but they are always available to you when you need them. Even the Ascended Masters will gladly offer you guidance and answer your questions if only you will ask. There are also many people who seek the guidance of their Guides, but then do not act upon the messages they receive because of doubts and fears. Your guides may find this very frustrating, since they often expend a lot of energy to try to help, only to be ignored. They do not get angry about it, but they will try to send the messages to you and to guide you, and if you do not trust them or yourself, they cannot help you.

Animal Guides—Totem Animals: Your animal guides can be spirit animals, which is the essence of a breed of animal in the form of one individual Spirit Animal who comes to you when you call on it. Spirit Animals represent the breed of animal as a whole and has all of the energies of that particular breed. They generally serve to protect you, and will protect you from unseen negative entities, energies, and psychic attacks. They prevent these negative things from attaching or attacking you in any way. They will spring to action without even being called upon. The Spirit Animal Guides will always be around you. They can also guide you by enhancing your instincts and intuition to match that or be more like that of the particular breed of animal they represent. You may notice that you have some traits of particular animals, or are drawn to certain breeds of animals. For example, if you are drawn to tigers, you may discover that when you think about it, you also possess some natural abilities similar to the tiger. Maybe you pace back and forth when you feel restless like a caged cat, or express your distrust of strangers in the way a tiger might. Maybe you will withdraw and prefer not to be in large crowds of people, etc. This is just an example of how this may work. Or if you have a bear for a spirit animal guide, you may find that you are most productive during the spring, summer, and fall, and not be as active during the winter. Bears hibernate in the winter, so winter would tend to be your time for resting and recharging your energies.

Spirit Animal Guides will enhance your instincts so that you may sense who is trustworthy or who is not. They may cause you to feel a dislike for something or someone, who could be harmful to you, in order to guide you away from it or the situation it would lead to. This would guide you away from things you should not seek and toward things that would be helpful to you. All Guides work toward what is for the highest good. This is their purpose—to help you achieve all that you are meant to do.

Animals who have Crossed Over: There may be times when animals that once lived on Earth in physical form, appear to you. These are often animals that we knew, took care of, or were close to during our lifetime, of occasionally one we knew in other lifetimes. These animals are comfortable with us, and they will sometimes stop in to check on us, visit, or just to be near us for awhile. These are a different form of Spirit Animal, because they have lived on this Earth in physical form. They serve as protectors in that they can at times make their presence know to intruders in order to deter the intruder from causing harm. They also offer us comfort when we need it most by giving us a sign that they are present. You can tell the difference between a Spirit Animal Guide and an animal friend that has crossed over. Animals that have crossed over will make their presence known by giving you glimpses of them as they run by, brush against you at times so that you feel them touch you. You may feel their presence when they jump up on the furniture next to you. Usually, you will feel the love they have for you radiating from them and filling you with peace and comfort.

Ascended Masters: Ascended Masters have lived as humans in other lifetimes. Generally, they have accomplished great changes in the lives of many people, and helped to raise our level of consciousness to a higher vibration. They did not always live a life of comfort and ease, but often made great sacrifices in the service of the higher good that led to a higher consciousness of humanity in some way. Anytime you have questions, you can call on the Ascended Masters in general, or individually to receive guidance. They will always answer your questions quickly, directly, and to the point. They do not say more than is necessary to answer the question, but give a very straightforward answer. The Ascended Masters welcome your questions and are very happy to be of service. Their lives, both during their lifetimes in the physical plane, and spiritual plane, are dedicated to teaching and helping you to grow and learn.

Guides of Light: These are spirit guides that work with Lightworkers to help you with your spiritual ascension and your Lightwork. They can change their appearance at will, but most often appear to you in a form that is best able to help you work with them. They are guides who will always point you toward completing your mission on this Earth during this lifetime. They will reveal to you what your next step is, how to proceed, and keep you on track. They most often appear in a human form. When you work with them, you will often be given a name. The Guides of Light are personal Guides that will sometimes send you messages, even if you do not ask. They work to keep you moving in the right direction, and will answer any questions you ask if it is for the highest good. My Guide, Bernese is a Guide of Light, and she works with me to help me achieve my goals and do the work I came here to do. Your Guides of Light are in service to you, and have made an arrangement to guide you while you are in this physical lifetime. Your personal Guide of Light will always be with you and guide you toward the Highest Good. They will enhance you psychic abilities, and often give you information that will allow you to help others in the area of psychic work.

Angels: Angels will intervene on your behalf if it is for the highest good, but you must ask for their assistance. They are Beings of Light who never been human in physical form. They move very quickly to action, and offer great protection. Since I have covered Angels in one of the manuals for the Magickal Lightwork Program already, I will not go into a lot of detail here, other than to say, that Angels are very powerful and they are here to watch over you, protect you, offer healing and comfort, and help you to fulfill your life’s mission.

Fairies: Fairies too, offer guidance and help to bring in joy and laughter. They will often help with clearing your energies and show you how to have fun, even when things seem to be getting you down. Fairies are especially interested in protecting animals, plants, the Earth, and nature in general. You will get a lot of help from them when it comes to environmental issues that you want to work on.

Those who have Crossed Over: Your family or friends who have crossed over may come to you to check in on you from time to time. They may offer you comfort in allowing you to be aware they are around you. They do not stay around you all the time, but just show up once in a while to make sure you are okay or to give you messages. Their messages most often are ones that bring you comfort, but sometimes they will offer a bit of wisdom and guidance to you, especially if you are confused or stressed over something. You may smell perfume, or a scent that is associated with that person which will signal to you that they are around you. You may hear messages from them, or just be aware that they are around and feel comforted. They most often show up when you are thinking of them. There are occasions when they will show up to warn you if you are in danger, and may even intervene in some small way that makes a difference in the outcome. This is especially true if you are not yet finished with your work on this Earth, and something or someone threatens you in a way that could put you in danger of not being able to complete your work on this Earth in this lifetime. You may never even be aware they have had a hand in the outcome, but you will know that it was such a bizarre incident that “someone” was watching over you—and only a miracle prevented a tragedy.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive all .pdf manuals for each level plus a main manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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