Merlin Healing® Energy Session – heal unwanted emotions, sensations and illnesses caused by the mind, clear karma, conditioning, programming

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Merlin Healing® helps to alleviate unwanted emotions, sensations, and illnesses caused by the mind. It aims to focus on helping the spiritual aspect of yourself (who you really are) to heal the mind and body. It is also very effective at speeding up the recovery of physical injuries and wounds. It is a holistic healing art to effect positive transformation, healing, raising consciousness and potentially leading to awakening of mind, body and soul.

The healing itself has transformative qualities that can free us from parts of our karma, conditioning, programming and so on. The energy itself is full of love and can create inner freedom on many levels, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Merlin Healing® is a simple and gentle yet powerful technique which uses divine energy to work on the physical and emotional bodies, as well as on situations. It feels like the heart of divinity expressing itself as energy and deeply touching your heart. This is even the case at a distance. If you are searching to be more in control of, and comfortable with your life and events around you, to be more at ease with life and living, then this is for you.

Think in terms of energy flows which require a clear, unrestricted path to be optimised. When the flows are hindered, blocked or restricted then life becomes more difficult. Merlin Healing® works to clear those blockages thereby allowing everything to flow more freely. The blocks can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Many, if not all, of the blocks are from past experiences, a past life or lives, which are easily unseen and are in the unconscious part of the mind.

When we try and figure it out ourselves, we only have access to the conscious part of the mind. It’s like trying to make a jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces. We can assume we know what the picture is but only when we get all the pieces, do we really know.

To give an idea of what happens visualise a glass of dirty water. This represents the state of how we are with all of our past ‘stuff’, as in issues and negative reactions to life which are triggered by the environment and people around us. Now visualise clean water being poured into the glass. The clean water represents the energy received during the session. By pouring clean water into the glass, the dirty water will gradually be displaced and become cleaner. This results in a shifting of our individual issues and gradually brings a transformation of our being into a more positive way of living life.

The more water that’s poured into the glass, the cleaner/clearer the water inside becomes, the less ‘stuff’ we have hindering our flow of life.
The more energy that comes through your system/energy field, it becomes cleaner and less dense.

When talking of Merlin, we don’t mean the Merlin of legend. In that sense it is used as a title and has been by many people through the ages. When talking of Merlin through this healing session, we’re talking about the ancient being who is the source of the energy that is being worked with. The source of the energy Merlin worked with.

Merlin Healing® is a registered trademark of Keith M Mapson. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

I personally work on you for 45 minutes as a healing facilitator, via long distance.

Certificate issued if needed.



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