Metatron Ascension Energy System Part One

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This is a project under the guidance of Metatron which introduces an energy system called the Ascension Energy System (AES). The originator of this energy system, Metatron, has shared several key points. These symbols and energies are Sacred. This information is intended to be kept in the highest of regards. The AES includes cosmic level energies. Go slow in practicing these empowerments. Over time you can build up the frequency, duration, and intensity of these energetic treatments.

The Ascentia Energy System was communicated by Metatron, The King of Angels. Numerous members of the Spiritual Hierarchy support these energies. There are four energies currently associated with the Ascension Energy System, Part I: Focus, Clarity, Ascentia, and Godhead.

The founder Lyn McClain states: “When this information was received, the symbols were shown as I began experiencing the energies. At that time I knew this was something special. My life continues to changed dramatically. The first symbol received was Ascentia. Ascentia appeared and I was asked to work with this energy. That night I first used the symbol on my heart chakra. I was overcome with a feeling of love and experienced a high vibrational energy. My light body was energized.

The second symbol received was Clarity. Again, Metatron introduced this energy and symbol. I do not think it a coincidence most of these symbols were introduced in the rural south.

The third symbol received was Godhead. The symbol appeared as I was channeling an Ascentia energy treatment for my wife Lisa here in Nashville, TN, USA. This symbol, called Godhead, had a multi-dimensional feel. Godhead is the most powerful of the energies. When using Godhead energy take it easy, don’t rush it. Let this energy work with you gradually. It may be important to use the other three energies for a few weeks prior to experiencing the Godhead energy. There is no hurry, let your bodies adjust gradually.

The fourth symbol received was Focus. This symbol and the accompanying energy were received in north central TN, at a state park outside of Jamestown. The Focus symbol appeared when I was meditating with my wife Lisa. Keep in mind a person does not have to experience an empowerment to be able to channel the AES energies as in Reiki. While these symbols are Sacred they are not secret. These energies are meant to be used by anyone so guided. Just meditate on the symbols.”

You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Lyn McClain

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