New Earth Teachers Part 1

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This is the first part of a series of classes in how to help Mother Earth in her process, so that she may rise up to her new level and take her new form and become The New Earth. Earth, our dear Mother who feeds us and clothes us. She is always present, in the form of nature, animals and other people. We all come from her and we live with her until our bodies die and become dust. But, even in this lifelong process of interaction, many of us take her for granted. We expect enough food to eat, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. We expect a beautiful nature to wander in, smell, taste, look at, listen to and touch and feel. Many take it for granted and only a few give thanks for what is looked upon as something natural. If people give thanks, it is usually for the food, and then they direct the gratitude to God. Of course God created Earth, but the fact that she keeps feeding us and taking care of us, in spite of what we are doing to her, is her miracle. Mother Earth is polluted by environmental disasters and other bad things that come solely from human beings. Even though we know very well what is bad and dangerous for her. She herself does not pollute. Nature’s animals and plants and the coral reefs with its fauna and fishes do not destroy or pollute. No, it is exclusively humans that do it. This course wants to change that and create an awareness, at least on the spiritual plane. Remember that we also pollute Earth with radio waves, microwaves, cellular phones, and so on.

In order for the old Earth to be able to move on to a higher dimension with us, she needs help. Angels, light beings and loving extraterrestrials help in this process, but they neither can nor are they allowed to do too much because this is not their planet and world. Therefore they have contacted some of us and taught us what to do to make the process easier for Mother Earth and this solar system. For it is not only Earth that is going up to a higher dimension but the whole solar system. The most powerful step is when our sun gives birth to a new sun into the new dimension. . Anyone who wants to can do these courses. One’s background does not matter; neither does it matter what spiritual beliefs people have or whether they have a spiritual belief or not. The courses in themselves are meant to help people all over the world to have a deeper understanding of Mother Earth and everything new that comes with The New Earth. The courses that follow this one will contain information about the course of events that are coming with the transformation of Earth. They will be a simple and easy-to-understand description on how to prepare yourself and how to do ceremonies. There will also be suggestions for your own sense of well-being and an explanation of the new steps of growth for the human being. The courses are meant to strengthen, help and inform people, but most of all to help Mother Earth before her transformation.

You will receive 2 .pdf manuals.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Channie C. Centara (West)

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