New Earth Teachers Part 5

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On the eve of The New Earth and our own great Spiritual Evolution we have so far almost only mentioned or talked about the outer events and changes that have already occurred or will occur. What really could be said is that most and definitely the biggest of all changes will occur within us. They will not only occur at a cell and atom level, but also at a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level. There lie the biggest changes. If it hadn’t been that way, we would hardly be able to call it a Spiritual Evolution. Everything within us, in its spiritual aspect, changes and grows in its understanding, etc. The way it is today, we look like a Russian doll with more, smaller and smaller dolls stacked within us. We all have a body, within it a soul and in the depth of the soul we also have a spirit that carries an inner flaming sparkle. This is a Divine Sparkle given to each and every one of us from God. God in whichever form and whatever name you choose to refer to, or talk to, or summon, or seek out, Him/Her/It.

Our body is a vehicle in the physical space and time. It is also a tool for the spirituality with which we can manifest our inner divine sparkle. If the body is what makes us recognize each other’s outer features, the soul is what carries our personality and our memories. Most of us have within our souls hidden files of memories that we aren’t allowed to access. The role of the spirit is to carry the divine sparkle, without the spirit we die. When you do journeys outside the body with the soul, the spirit is always staying in the body, otherwise you die. When you do soul journeys the soul is no longer reflected in the aura, but the spirit is, with its specific colors and patterns. Right now however, there is already a part of us present on The New Earth. This is a segment, a part, or a fragment of ourselves. It is active and is awaiting us. This fragment is preparing our arrival in different ways. This event is a natural step in every Spiritual Evolution.

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