New Earth Teachers Part 7

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In every normal Spiritual Evolution on a planet, there are a lot of things happening without anyone noticing them. The beings there simply step up, in a relatively calm way, to the new dimension. They may not even notice the shift. But once there, in the new dimension, a whole lot of problems can occur. For it is not easy for everyone to let go of the old and then accept the new immediately. It is not easy to understand everything in the new higher dimension, and it can lead to the fall of cultures and the ruin of a whole race if the mind doesn’t accept the shift. That is why they help from out there nowadays. Extraterrestrials, but also angels and lightbeings are there and support planets that are about to take a higher step. The planets that go up to even higher dimensions and leave their area of competence get help from other places, and from even higher beings than that. So, in our case, we can feel relaxed and be assured that everything will go well. Some beings that are doing a big job these days are our spiritual leaders, guides and guardian angels. They prepare us mentally by being closer to us than ever and, by doing so, letting us be a part of their cosmic family with their presence.

No matter where you are in the universe or what planet it is about, almost everyone feels some sort of loss to leave the old behind. It can actually be pretty hard to take in the new, even though it is so perfect and fantastic, a harmonious paradise with ultimate possibilities for each and every individual. In spite of all the wonderful, what happens if the individual already thought they lived in the perfect paradise, before they moved up to the higher dimension? What happens then? How do you convince that person of how things are before they have realized it themselves? A lot is actually about that, insights and preferably personal ones. The way things are now, “some people get it slower” than others, and this should not be looked upon as a fault or a flaw in anyone. It is just a fact, we are all unique and we all need a specific amount of time to understand and realize things. Because if people themselves are young and healthy, they may not think as much about, and in the same way appreciate, the fact that The New Earth gives everything and everyone the possibility to choose a different age, and perhaps become younger than the present age. All diseases will also disappear with the new. People will fully appreciate the benefits of total world peace.

You will receive 4 .pdf manuals (3 manuals for Integrating Chakras).
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Channie C. Centara (West)

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