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Many people are wondering how The New Earth is going. They think that nothing seems to happen, and it may feel like that to some people. If you aren’t directly involved in a project, it can look from the outside as if everything stands still and that nothing happens. You should know, though, that there are many who are working hard right now, even Mother Earth herself and the whole solar system. For the more human workers, there is a lot to do in the form of papers that need to be written up and filed away. There are also things that need to be completed, etc., before everything happens. Much of this work is being done to make it easier for those who are to take over everything on The New Earth after the shift has happened. For, many individuals such as I, Channie West, will not want to stay that long on The New Earth. I and many others have other things to do in other places in the Whole of the Game. Many people think that if we have that much to do, why aren’t they allowed to help and make it easier for us and everyone? The answer to this is that it has not, so far, been possible to do so. But now the possibilities are finally starting to show.

The way we think, we who are working here on Earth and those who are doing it out in the Universe, the Spiritual Evolution and The New Earth are not delayed. Everything is going along according to very specific measures, and it does so perfectly! Every part falls into place in the best harmonious way for everything and everyone. Sure, one may in one’s own way wish that all the pieces would fall into place at the same time, or at least a little faster, without those seemingly unnecessary empty days in between that give us a feeling of delay. But the whole thing is like baking a sponge cake. You need to have all the ingredients first. Then you need to carefully measure them and then mix them. If you miss or skip something, there won’t be a cake at all. And the cake can in fact not jump out of the oven on its own, as a finished and fine product, unless we finish the pre-work first. I am afraid we have to have patience and wait on our delicious New Earth sponge cake.

You will receive 3 .pdf manuals.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Channie C. Centara (West)

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