Octagon Star Tetra Energy

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The Octagon Star Tetra Energy is a high frequency energy which combines 4th elements energies of the nature: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. This kind of energy is used for all aspects of elimination, working on the eliminative organs (digestive system, kidneys, liver, skin and lungs). It also has a powerful effect on microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.). The Octagon Star Tetra Energy also helps to eliminate residue of past inoculations, chemicals, etc. This energy also has the effect of seemingly re-wiring your neurons and neuro-pathways to allow for greater levels of love, mental and emotional stability as well as aids in faster physical healing from wounds. Great energy for mentally challenged individuals to use and work with, as well as Autistic Children and Schizophrenics; this energy helps bring balance to the mind.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

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