Rainbow Dolphin Dreams with Quan Yin

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Dolphin Empowerment #2: The energy of the dolphins and the galactic encoding they hold for humanity is ready to come to the surface for a deep breath of fresh air. As we reach a higher state of being able to see and hear the fluid messages we come to a holding place of information. The dolphins are the keepers of this earthen place swimming about in the ethers and ley lines of earth looking with a keen eye for those who they recognize as the guardians. As with one who keeps the stories to pas down from generation to generation these Stellar Dolphins are at the point of passing their knowledge to those who will listen and then do something with that knowledge.

Each person on Earth is united in body, mind, soul, and heart with the frequencies of at least two dolphin energies. These dolphins are very much alive. They mostly swim inter-dimensionally, but are completely yours for the thinking. They will swim into your heart when you need love, swim into your body when you need healing, swim into your soul when you need the company of the stars. They are as much a part of you as the oceans. The blue blood of your body has the same chemical composition as the mother ocean herself. Call to the dolphins to cleanse the debris of self and carry it to a port of call that will infuse it with a higher light.

Dolphin Empowerments are meant to show you and help you to understand that love is the glue that holds all together.

You will receive a .pdf manual.
Founder: Shirley Irene

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