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Eight special high-energy symbols to access the divine power, wisdom and love of Rama – probably the most important energy of the ancient world. Sekhem is the sacredness of this energy – its divine qualities and sacred features. Rama Sekhem is the Protection and Freedom given by

Some information on Rama:

– Rama contains the Universe.
– From Rama emerged all the languages of the world.
– It is the most ancient and sacred mantra.
– Rama was a great warrior of justice.
– Rama was the avatar / manifestation of Vishnu who is equal in importance to Krishna.

Rama Sekhem:

* Rama Sekhem offers a special Amrita (Divine Nectar) Attunement.
* Rama Sekhem strengthens the inner / divine Will and gives protection.
* Rama Sekhem bestows great healing power and healing light.
* Rama Sekhem brings forth the Amrita, the Divine Nectar that quenches all spiritual and healing thirst.
* Rama Sekhem aids in human communication issues and all throat problems.
* Rama Sekhem aligns the masculine, dynamic energy of the body with the etheric field and also with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies giving a new balance for the self. Rama Sekhem restores the right side of the body, the masculine side.
* Rama Sekhem releases Karma and Barriers. Unifies all levels.
* Rama Sekhem Strengthens the Light Body and All Spiritual Bodies.
* Rama Sekhem gives strength and masculine qualities on all levels and areas.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Giorgos Mylonas

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